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发布状态: 稳定版
实现 解析器函数 , 标签 , ContentHandler , 链接标记
描述 Adds support of 3D files viewing at your MediaWiki
作者 Dolfinus
最新版本 1.0 (2017-02-05)
MediaWiki 1.25+
许可协议 MIT授權條款
下载 Download snapshot
例子 Example of 3D Viewer at file page


MediaWiki extension which allows to add 3D models viewer to site pages. Based on THREE.js, renders image with CanvasRenderer. There you can see example 3D model page.



  • .json
  • .3djson
  • .3dj * .three

THREE.js model buffer geometry format:

  • .buff
  • .buffjson


  • .obj

STL (binary) file format:

  • .stl
  • .stlb


Download the latest snapshot and extract it to your extensions directory. Then include it in your LocalSettings.php file as in the following example:

wfLoadExtension( '3DAlloy' );

$wgFileExtensions = array_merge(
  $wgFileExtensions, array(
      'json', '3dj', '3djson', 'three',
      'buff', 'buffjson',
      'stl', 'stlb'

Then add these lines to the end of your MediaWiki includes/mime.types file:

application/json json 3djson 3dj three buff buffjson
application/obj obj
application/stl stl stlb

And then to includes/ file:

application/json [TEXT]
application/obj       [TEXT]
application/stl       [TEXT]


As Image Handler


As Parser function


Instead of uploaded filename you can use an url for file located in external site.

As Parser tag

<3d file="Model.json" width="" height="" ... ></3d>
<3d width="" height="" ... >Model.json</3d>

You also can use url instead of short filename.


名称 描述 Default value
width Canvas width in pixels 300
height Canvas height in pixels 300
color Model RGB color as hex 0xff00ff
opacity Model opacity as decimal between 0...1 0.8
norotate If true or 1, model does not rotate false
scale Model scale, in percent 100
z Model z coordinate 75
style Additional canvas CSS style
class Additional canvas HTML class

Width and height can be set to 0 value, so size of viewer will be set according to user screen dimensions.


All default values can be changed in your LocalSettings.php file:

$wg3DAlloy["width"]  = 500;
$wg3DAlloy["height"] = 400;
$wg3DAlloy["class"]  = 'someclass';

Controls and hotkeys

操作 控制
Camera rotate Swipe, left mouse key hold and move
Camera pan Right key hold and move
Camera zoom Mouse wheel, hold wheel and move, pinch
Model rotate ←↑→↓键
Model rotation reset Home键
Model rotation play/pause 双击、双点按
Model rotation play/pause all models at page 回车、空格键
Model rotation speed -和+键

Hotkeys automatically disables while you edit or submit wiki page.