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FOSDEM (Brussels, Belgium) is probably the best community driven FOSS event in Europe. It's massive, chaotic and fun.

A characteristically crowded main session at FOSDEM

Like previous years, FOSDEM is organised at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Coordinates: 50.81 N 4.38 E

FOSDEM is free to attend. There is no registration. Just turn up!


1–2 February 2020

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Participants at FOSDEMEdit

One of several sessions at FOSDEM 2020 which has shown Wikidata: Pintoch on OpenRefine

See also mentions of Wikimedia in the FOSDEM 2020 schedule and the Web Performance devroom run by Gilles, Peter and Timo of the Wikimedia Performance Team.

Saturday night drinksEdit

We met for drinks after the talks in a private room upstairs of a nice pub near Grand Place.