Engineering Community Team/Planning/2013/Q4

  • Provide ongoing communications support (blog post reviews, activity pages, etc.). Status:    Done
  • Assemble and publish monthly reports. Status:    Done
  • Grow tech news and try to assemble a team of volunteers. Status:    Done
  • Experiment with "bug of the week" engagement on social media? (and other small experiments we discussed in SF: ) put on backburner in favor of Google Code-In
  • Prepare Google Code-In, publicize communications/documentation tasks, and mentor students. Status:    Done
  • Make "guided bug report form" usable for Bugzilla newbies (inherit feedback from design team) Status:    Done
  • Show InlineHistory in Bugzilla - bugzilla:47256. Status:    Done
  • Prepare and organize Wikimedia participation in Google Code-In with Quim. Status:    In progress
  • Work on "etiquette" draft for behavior in Bugzilla, as discussed on teampractices@. Status:    In progress
  • Evaluate Project management / issue tracking requirements and potential tools. Status:    In progress - kicked off on teampractices@ and wiki on 2013-12-13
  • Prepare / start testing upgrade to Bugzilla 4.4 (and our custom patches) - bugzilla:49597. Status:    In progress
  • See Bug management/Task list for full list of plans and more information.
  • FOSS Outreach Program for Women - round 7 kicked off with at least 8 6 interns and new lessons learned.Status:    Done
  • First Wikimedia participation in Google Code-In headed to a successful completion.Status:    Done
  • About 6 volunteers contributing to automated tests regularly. (cancelled)
  • At least 3 Key Progress Indicators integrated to the Tech Communit Metrics dashboard. Status:    Not done
  • MediaWiki Architecture Summit, Wikimedia participation at FOSDEM and pre-Wikimania London hackathons ready to roll.Status:    Done
  • "Bug of the Week" process working, including promotion. (after Google Code-in)
  • MediaWiki OSS Way of Working proposal discussed publicly with Wikimedia Foundation development teams and community liaisons. (maybe after Google Code-in)
  • On sabbatical until Jan 2014.