Engineering Community Team/Planning/2014/Q1

January to March 2014Edit

  • Provide ongoing communications support (blog post reviews, activity pages, etc.). Status:    Done
  • Assemble and publish monthly reports. Status:    Done
  • Complete Google Code-In: publicize communications/documentation tasks, and mentor students. Status:    Done
  • Edit and publish the best discovery reports from Google Code-In on the tech blog. Status:    Done
  • Ensure the weekly publication of Tech/News. Status:    Done
  • Advertise Tech/News to increase readership. Status:    Done
  • (With Andre) Meet Project management tools stakeholders, determine requirements, and document this research. Status:    Done
  • (With Andre) Lead the community discussion about the shortlist of candidates for Project management tools, take the first implementation steps (possibly in Labs). Status:    Done
  • (With Andre) Set up and facilitate the community RfC about Project management tools, and bring it to a decision. Status:    Started, continued in 2014-Q2