Engineering Community Team/Planning/2013/12

December 2013Edit

  • Publish the engineering report for November. Status:    Done
  • Follow up on support requests (e.g. blog post reviews). Status:    Done
  • Get the weekly tech newsletter assembled, published, translated and delivered (ideally with help). Status:    Done
  • Write behind-the-scenes article about how the tech newsletter is assembled and delivered. Status:    Done
  • Prepare Google Code-In tasks for the Community change team and serve as a proxy. Status:    Done
  • Mentor Google Code-In students. Status:    Done
  • With Andre: Start planning evaluation of Project management / issue tracking requirements and potential tools. Status:    Done
  • Google Code-In: Run and organize contest with Quim. Status:    In progress
  • Agree and finalize "etiquette" draft for behavior in Bugzilla, as discussed on teampractices@. Status:    In progress - Discussion on Talk page still ongoing on 20131225 after asking for feedback on wikitech-l@.
  • Evaluate Project management / issue tracking requirements and potential tools. Status:    In progress - kicked off on teampractices@ and wiki on 2013-12-13
  • Test Bugzilla 4.4 with our custom patches on Labs (or zirconium in eqiad if production is still on kaulen in Tampa). Status:    In progress, will need help from ops. Steps discussed between dzahn and aklapper on 2013-12-06; dzahn has set up a copy of Bugzilla 4.2 on zirconium in eqiad (see RT #4783). Next steps are upgrading that machine to Bugzilla 4.4, applying our custom patches, testing, and finally switching over.