Docker is a virtualization software that allows administrators and developers to use "containers" to share environments containing software. These containers are isolated from other software running on the same computer. Docker is one way to deploy and run MediaWiki.

The Docker SIG was a Special Interest Group for people working with MediaWiki and related technologies on Docker.

Official environment for simple development edit

MediaWiki-Docker is an official development docker environment for MediaWiki that is included in MediaWiki itself, starting with MediaWiki 1.35.

This environment has been built for simple experimentation, development, and testing of proposed changes to MediaWiki core. It is designed to be particularly simple and easy to use, and intended particularly to be a good option for newbies, be they testers, designers, developers, or others who have not yet invested a great deal of their time in setting up local environments.

To get started please read the instructions in the MediaWiki repo in

There are a number of examples on the tool's page which you can explore to see how to set up various settings and extensions.

If you run into any issues, please file a task at The Dockerfiles and other configuration files used to generate the dev images may be found at releng/dev-images on the Wikimedia GitLab server.

Official image for complex development edit

We know that there are number of people who need a more complex, configurable, and powerful development and testing environment, even up to being a "Wikimedia production-like" state. The simple environment is not suitable for that use case; we plan to provide a more configurable and thus more complex, "heavy-weight" alternative for that use case in the future. You may wish to follow our work in Phabricator.

In the mean time, please see below.

Official images for hosting edit

It is likely that official MediaWiki releases will be made in Docker image form in the future, but these have not been committed to yet.

Wikimedia production will be moving to use Docker images as part of the "Streamlined Services Delivery" program for continuous deployment, early versions of which are published, but these are bespoke and will not be useful for third parties.

In the mean time, please see below.

Other available images edit

There are a number of unofficial MediaWiki docker images.

In the mean time, there are several sources of other possible images shown below; you should use these at your own risk:

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