Diagram extensions

The following extensions allow for defining and displaying diagrams within wiki pages. For the purpose of this page, "diagrams" refers to images that are defined using some syntax, as opposed to images that are generated automatically from a set of numbers, such as bar charts.

Extension Syntax Types of diagram Libraries included Outside services used Requirements Last updated
Cognitive Process Designer Custom, BPMN Flowcharts bpmn-js Semantic MediaWiki 2022
Dia Dia Sequence diagrams (flowcharts, etc.) Dia 2018
Diagrams Dot, Mscgen, PlantUML, Mermaid Various Mermaid Optional self-hosted service GraphViz, Mscgen, and/or PlantUML 2022
Ditaa ditaa Various diagrams ditaa 2018
DrawioEditor Draw.io Various diagrams Draw.io 2022
Flex Diagrams BPMN, Mermaid, custom Flowcharts, Gantt charts, other bmpn-js, DHTMLX Gantt, Mermaid 2022
FlowchartWiki Custom Flowcharts GraphViz library 2017
Go diagrams Custom, SGF Go (board game) PHP GD library 2006
GraphViz DOT, Mscgen Diagrams, message sequence charts GraphViz and/or Mscgen libraries, ImageMap extension 2018
JSWikiGantt Custom Gantt charts jsGantt 2015
Mermaid Mermaid Flowcharts, Gantt charts, diagrams Mermaid 2022
Network vis.js Networks and networks consisting of nodes and edges vis.js 2021
PlantUML PlantUML Many diagram types PlantUML, GraphViz extension 2017
WebSequenceDiagram WebSequenceDiagrams Sequence diagrams (flowcharts, etc.) WebSequenceDiagrams 2010

See alsoEdit

  • Gliffy Public - displays diagrams defined elsewhere (on gliffy.com)