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To provide a comprehensive, reusable, extensible way to design and build front ends on Wikimedia platforms, by following a universal Design Style Guide and a shared development kit that codifies the visual and experience principles and guidelines in a library of user-interface (UI) components.

Current Work StreamsEdit

Codex, Design System for Wikimedia and UI LibraryEdit

The Codex Design System for Wikimedia is the place where all of the components and patterns that designers use to create products are systematically organized, in such a way that they are easy to find, modify and create new parts. The design system is grounded in a set of principles and guidelines designed with for consistency, efficiency, web accessibility and internationalization by default.

Part of Codex is the frontend development toolkit for implementing the design system in code. It provides engineers with UI components that are built in CSS-only and JavaScript (Vue.js), with design tokens to store data for design values, and user-facing documentation.

Front-end TechnologyEdit

Wikimedia's medium-term Platform Evolution plan set out to prioritize modern engineering practices, performance, and ease-of-use for contributors of varying experience levels. As a result, the Design Systems Team organized the Vue.js Developer Summit 2021 which led to the decision to adopt Vue.js as the official programming framework for MediaWiki.


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