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This is a list of database tables and field prefixes added by various extensions. Registering your tables and field prefixes here helps other developers to avoid name collisions when they create their own tables and fields.

Erweiterung/Kern Tabelle Feldpräfix Version Beschreibung
Kern actor actor_ 1.31+
archive ar_ Stores information on deleted page
blobs blob_ 1.3-1.4 Beginning with the MediaWiki 1.5 release this table is not used, and can be safely deleted
block bl_ 1.42+ Blocks against user accounts, IP addresses and IP ranges.
block_target bt_ 1.42+ The targets of blocks
brokenlinks bl_ 1.4 und davor The brokenlinks table stored links to articles that don't exist yet. Obsolete
bot_passwords bp_ 1.27+
category cat_ 1.13+ Track all existing categories.
categorylinks cl_ 1.3+ The categorylinks table stores entries corresponding to links of the form [[Category:Title]] or [[Category:Title|sortkey]], which when placed anywhere on a page places that page into the category named Title (for which an associated page may or may not exist).
change_tag ct_ 1.15+ The change_tag table tracks tags for revisions, logs and recent changes.
change_tag_def ctd_ 1.32+
comment comment_ 1.30+
config cf_ 1.20+ Table for holding configuration changes.
content content_ 1.31+
content_models model_ 1.31+
cur cur_ 1.4 und davor The cur table was used in older versions of MediaWikis to store the current revision of a page.
externallinks el_ 1.6+ The externallinks table is where MediaWiki stores and tracks external links.
external_user eu_ 1.16-1.21 external_user tracks external user accounts, if ExternalAuth is used.
filearchive fa_ 1.7+ The filearchive table stores all the media that has been deleted, similar to the archive table's job for text
hitcounter hc_ 1.2-1.24 The hitcounter table in MediaWiki is a temporary buffer for storage of page view information.
image img_ The image table describes images and other uploaded files.
imagelinks il_ The imagelinks table stores inclusions of files.
image_comment_temp imgcomment_ 1.30-1.31
interwiki iw_ The interwiki table stores the interwiki prefixes with their targets.
iwlinks iwl_ 1.17+ The iwlinks table stores the interwiki links with their targets.
ip_changes ipc_ 1.30+
ipblocks ipb_ The ipblocks table stores details of IP addresses and users who have been blocked from editing.
ipblocks_old ipb_ 1.6 (veraltet)
ipblocks_restrictions ir_ 1.32+
job job_ 1.6+ Jobs performed by parallel apache threads or a command-line daemon.
l10n_cache lc_ 1.16+ The l10n_cache table
langlinks ll_ 1.7+ langlinks table tracks interlanguage links.
linktarget lt_ 1.38+ Holds immutable records of link targets, used mostly for links tables.
links l_ 1.4 und davor (entfernt in 1.4)
linkscc lcc_ 1.4 und davor The linkscc table cached link data for rendering.
logging log_ 1.4+ Every log action in MediaWiki is logged in the logging table.
log_search ls_ 1.16+ The log_search table (added in r50567).
math math_ 1.17 und davor math table is used by the math module to keep track of previously-rendered items.
msg_resource mr_ 1.17-1.26 msg_resource caching JSON message blobs for the resource loader.
msg_resource_links mrl_ 1.17-1.26 The msg_resource_links table is for administering which message is contained in which resource.
module_deps md_ 1.17+ module_deps table is for caching which local files a module depends on that aren't registered directly.
objectcache N/A 1.3+ Objectcache table is used for a few generic cache operations if not using Memcached.
old old_ 1.4 und davor The old table is where MediaWiki versions up to MediaWiki 1.4 store historical versions of articles; these MediaWiki versions store the current version of articles in the cur table.
oldimage oi_ This table holds information about old revisions of files.
page page_ 1.5+ Each page in a MediaWiki installation has an entry here which identifies it by title and contains some essential metadata.
pagelinks pl_ 1.5+ Tracks all internal links in the Wiki.
page_props pp_ 1.13+ Contains properties about pages set by the parser via ParserOutput::setProperty(), such as the display title and the default category sortkey.
page_restrictions pr_ 1.10+ The page_restrictions table is used to store page protection levels in MediaWiki 1.10 and later.
protected_titles pt_ 1.12+ Contains protection of non-existent pages, the list of protected pages can be found at Special:Protectedtitles.
querycache qc_ 1.3+ The querycache table is used for caching expensive grouped queries.
querycachetwo qcc_ 1.9+ querycachetwo is a table used for caching expensive grouped queries that need two links (for example double-redirects).
querycache_info qci_ 1.7+ querycache_info table contains details of updates to cached special pages.
recentchanges rc_ The recentchanges table contains information about the latest modifications done to the wiki (not older than $wgRCMaxAge; see also below).
redirect rd_ 1.9+ Contains for each page that is currently a redirect (i.e., not for old revisions which are redirects) the id of the source page and the information about target.
revision rev_ 1.5+ The revision table holds metadata for every edit done to a page within the wiki.
revision_actor_temp revactor_ 1.31-1.38
revision_comment_temp revcomment_ 1.30-1.40
searchindex si_ The searchindex table is used to provide full text searches.
site_identifiers si_ 1.21+
sites site_ 1.21+
site_stats ss_ The site_stats table contains a single row with some aggregate info on the state of the site.
slot_roles role_ 1.31+
slots slot_ 1.31+
tag_summary ts_ 1.15-1.32 The tag_summary is used to pull a LIST of tags simply without ugly GROUP_CONCAT that only works on MySQL 4.1+.
templatelinks tl_ 1.6+ Contains for each current page inclusion the id of the host page, the namespace number of the included page, and its title without namespace.
text old_ 1.5+ The text table holds the wikitext of individual page revisions.
trackbacks tb_ 1.5-1.18 Stores trackback requests.
transcache tc_ 1.5-1.31 The transcache table is used to cache content that has been transcluded from other MediaWiki installations.
updatelog ul_ 1.13+ A table to log updates, one text key row per update.
uploadstash us_ 1.18+ The uploadstash table stores information about newly uploaded files before they're moved into the actual filestore.
user user_ The user table is where MediaWiki stores information about users.
user_former_groups ufg_ 1.18+ Stores the groups the user has once belonged to (will not contain groups the user had belonged to before MW 1.17).
user_groups ug_ 1.5+ The user_groups table maps the users in a particular MediaWiki installation to their corresponding user rights.
user_newtalk user_ user_newtalk table stores notifications of user talk page changes, for the display of the "you have new messages" box.
user_properties up_ 1.16+ The user_properties table stores user preferences.
user_rights ur_ 1.4 (entfernt in 1.5)
valid_tag vt_ 1.15+ The valid_tag contains a list of defined tags, to be used by Special:Tags.
validate val_ 1.4-1.6 (entfernt in 1.7)
watchlist wl_ The watchlist table contains for each registered user their id and for all the pages the user watches, the namespace number, the page title without namespace, and a notification timestamp, used for page change notification.
watchlist_expiry we_ 1.35+
Erweiterung:Missbrauchsfilter abuse_filter_action afa_
abuse_filter_history afh_
abuse_filter_log afl_
abuse_filter af_
AdvancedMeta ext_meta N/A Allows per page editing of various meta tags for SEO reasons
Erweiterung:AntiSpoof spoofuser su_
ArticleRatings ratings ratings_
AuthManagerOAuth authmanageroauth_linked_accounts amoa_
Erweiterung:Babel babel babel_
Erweiterungen:BetaFeatures betafeatures_user_counts N/A
Erweiterung:BounceHandler bounce_records br_
CampaignEvents campaign_events event_
ce_participants cep_
ce_organizers ceo_
ce_address cea_
ce_event_address ceea_
ce_tracking_tools cett_
Cargo cargo_tables N/A
cargo_pages N/A
cargo_backlinks cbl_
Erweiterung:CentralAuth globalnames gn_
globaluser gu_
global_edit_count gec_
global_group_permissions ggp_
global_group_restrictions ggr_
global_user_autocreate_serial uas_
global_user_groups gug_
localnames ln_
localuser lu_
renameuser_queue rq_
renameuser_status ru_
users_to_rename utr_
wikiset ws_
CentralNotice cn_notices not_
cn_assignments asn_
cn_templates tmp_
cn_notice_languages nl_
cn_notice_projects np_
cn_notice_countries nc_
cn_notice_regions nr_
cn_template_mixins tmxn_
cn_notice_mixins nmxn_
cn_notice_mixin_params nmxnp_
cn_known_devices dev_
cn_template_devices tdev_
cn_known_mobile_carriers mc_
cn_notice_mobile_carriers nmc_
cn_notice_log notlog_
cn_template_log tmplog_
Chat chathistory N/A archiviert Unterstützt aktuelle Versionen von MediaWiki nicht mehr.
Erweiterung:CheckUser cu_changes cuc_
cu_log_event cule_
cu_private_event cupe_
cu_log cul_
cu_useragent_clienthints uach_
cu_useragent_clienthints_map uachm_
Erweiterung:CloseWikis closedwikis cw_
CodeReview code_authors ca_ archived
code_bugs cb_ archived
code_comment cc_ archived
code_paths cp_ archived
code_prop_changes cpc_ archived
code_relations cf_ archived
code_repo repo_ archived
code_rev cr_ archived
code_signoffs cs_ archived
code_tags ct_ archived
Erweiterung:Cognate cognate_pages cgpa_
cognate_sites cgsi_
cognate_titles cgti_
Erweiterung:Comments Comments Comment_
Comments_Vote Comment_Vote_
Comments_block cb_
Erweiterung:CommentStreams cs_comments cst_c_
cs_replies cst_r_
cs_votes cst_v_
cs_watchlist cst_wl_
Erweiterung:ConfirmAccount account_requests acr_
account_credentials acd_
Erweiterung:Inhaltübersetzung cx_corpora cxc_
cx_lists cxl_
cx_notification_log cxn_
cx_suggestions cxs_
cx_translations translation_
cx_translators translator_
cx_significant_edits cxse_
cx_section_translations cxsx_
ContributionTracking contribution_tracking N/A
contribution_tracking_owa_ref N/A
Erweiterung:Contributors contributors cn_
Erweiterung:CreatedPagesList createdpageslist cpl_
Erweiterung:CreateWiki cw_comments cw_
cw_requests cw_
cw_wikis wiki_
Erweiterung:CreditSource revsrc revsrc_
srcwork srcwork_
swauthor swa_
swauthor_links swal_
swsite sws_
swsource_links swsl_
Erweiterung:DataDump data_dump dumps_
Erweiterung:DataTable2 datatable2_data dtd_
datatable2_meta dtm_
Erweiterung:DiscussionTools discussiontools_items it_
discussiontools_item_ids itid_
discussiontools_item_pages itp_
discussiontools_item_revisions itr_
discussiontools_subscription sub_ 1.36+
Erweiterung:Echo echo_email_batch eeb_
echo_event event_
echo_notification notification_
echo_push_provider epp_
echo_push_subscription eps_
echo_push_topic ept_
echo_subscription sub_
echo_target_page etp_
echo_unread_wikis euw_
EnhancedAutopromote enh_autopromote eha_
Erweiterung:FanBoxes fantag fantag_
user_fantag userft_
Erweiterung:FlaggedRevs flaggedimages fi_
flaggedpages fp_
flaggedpage_config fpc_
flaggedpage_pending fpp_
flaggedrevs fr_
flaggedrevs_promote frp_
flaggedrevs_statistics frs_
flaggedrevs_tracking ftr_
flaggedtemplates ft_
Erweiterung:GeoData geo_tags gt_
GlobalBlocking globalblocks gb_
global_block_whitelist gbw_
GlobalPreferences global_preferences gp_
Erweiterung:GlobalUsage globalimagelinks gil_
Erweiterung:GlobalUserrights global_user_groups gug_
Erweiterung:GrowthExperiments growthexperiments_link_recommendations gelr_
growthexperiments_link_submissions gels_
growthexperiments_mentee_data mentee_
growthexperiments_mentor_mentee gemm_
growthexperiments_user_impact geui_
InterwikiExistence iwe_page iwe_page_ archiviert This extension causes interwiki links, e.g. wikipedia:foo, to become existence detecting. Unterstützt aktuelle Versionen von MediaWiki nicht mehr.
Erweiterung:LegalLogin legallogin_accepted lla_
legallogin_logged lll_
Erweiterung:Fusselroller linter linter_
Erweiterung:LiquidThreads historical_thread hthread_
thread thread_
thread_history th_
thread_pending_relationship tpr_
thread_reaction tr_
user_message_state ums_
LoginNotify loginnotify_seen_net lsn_
Erweiterung:Math math math_
mathlatexml math_
mathoid math_
MathSearch mathindex mathindex_
mathsearch N/A
mathidentifier N/A
mathlog math_
mathobservation mathobservation_
mathpagesimilarity pagesimilarity_
mathrevisionstat revstat_
mathsemantics N/A
mathvarstat varstat_
math_mlp N/A
math_review_list N/A
math_wbs_entity_map math_
math_wbs_text_store math_
mathpage9 N/A
Moderation moderation mod_
moderation_block mb_
Erweiterung:Newsletter nl_issues nli_
nl_newsletters nl_
nl_publishers nlp_
nl_subscriptions nls_
Erweiterung:OATHAuth oathauth_users N/A
Erweiterung:OAuth oauth_accepted_consumer oaac_
oauth_registered_consumer oarc_
Erweiterung:OpenStackManager openstack_notification_event event_
openstack_tokens N/A
Erweiterung:ORES ores_classification oresc_
ores_model oresm_
Erweiterung:PageAssessments page_assessments pa_
page_assessments_projects pap_
Erweiterung:PageTriage pagetriage_log prtl_
pagetriage_page prtp_
pagetriage_page_tags ptrpt_
pagetriage_tags ptrt_
Erweiterung:Proofread Page pr_index pr_
Erweiterung:PropertySuggester wbs_propertypairs N/A
ReadingLists reading_list rl_
reading_list_entry rle_
reading_list_project rlp_
RPED rped_page rped_page_ archiviert List of pages present on the remote wiki. This is superseded by InterwikiExistence
SacredText sacredtext_verses st_
Erweiterung:Sanctions sanctions st_
sanctions_vote stv_
SecurePasswords password_history ph_ archiviert Unterstützt aktuelle Versionen von MediaWiki nicht mehr.
securepasswords_uninstall su_ archiviert Unterstützt aktuelle Versionen von MediaWiki nicht mehr.
Erweiterung:SecurePoll securepoll_cookie_match cm_
securepoll_elections el_
securepoll_entity en_
securepoll_lists li_
securepoll_msgs msg_
securepoll_options op_
securepoll_properties pr_
securepoll_questions qu_
securepoll_strike st_
securepoll_voters voter_
securepoll_votes vote_
Erweiterung:ShortUrl shorturls su_
Erweiterung:TimedMediaHandler transcode transcode_
Erweiterung:TitleKey titlekey tk_
Erweiterung:Übersetzen revtag rt_
translate_groupreviews tgr_
translate_groupstats tgs_
translate_messageindex tmi_
translate_metadata tmd_
translate_reviews trr_
translate_sections trs_
translate_stash ts_
translate_tmf tmf_
translate_tms tms_
translate_tmt tmt_
translate_cache tc_
translate_translatable_bundles ttb_
Erweiterung:UploadWizard uw_campaigns campaign_
Erweiterung:UrlShortener urlshortcodes usc_
Erweiterung:VoteNY Vote vote_
WikibaseStatementUpdater wsu_batch wsub_
wsu_batchlist wsubl_
Erweiterung:WikibaseQualityConstraints wbqc_constraints constraint_ Describes how properties should and shouldn’t be used. Imported from statements on Wikibase properties via a job.
Erweiterung:Wikibase Client wbc_entity_usage eu_
Erweiterung:Wikibase Repository wbt_item_terms wbit_
wbt_property_terms wbpt_
wbt_term_in_lang wbtl_
wbt_text_in_lang wbxl_
wbt_text wbx_
wbt_type wby_
wb_changes change_
wb_changes_subscriptions cs_
wb_id_counters id_
wb_items_per_site ips_
wb_property_info pi_
Erweiterung:WikiLove wikilove_log ull_
WikimediaEditorTasks wikimedia_editor_tasks_counts wetc_
wikimedia_editor_tasks_edit_streak wetes_
wikimedia_editor_tasks_keys wet_
Erweiterung:Wikispeech wikispeech_utterance wsu_