Core Platform Team/Initiatives/Task suggestion API

Initiative Vision

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  • A unified API for suggesting structured tasks to contributors
Target Group(s):
  • Growth
  • Android
  • Other front-end apps
  • Suggest tasks for contributors
  • Unify disparate APIs
  • Unified data model for tasks
  • Unified task queue API
  • List of open tasks, ranked by priority
  • Endpoint to claim a task
  • Endpoint to mark a task complete
Aligned Goals:
  • Software platforms with integrated machine learning, rich media, and structured data components, and associated tooling for internal and external development and reuse of code and content.

Note: This initiative is about unifying our task structure across multiple projects. Since new task APIs are still in development, it probably makes sense to hold off on this one until they're done, and we can learn from those projects.