Core Platform Team/Initiatives/Sunsetting RESTBase

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Initiative Vision

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  • Remove the need to support a complex piece of service architecture replacing it with a well supported third party application reducing cost of ownership
  • Stakeholder(s):
    • Service Owners
    • Product Teams
    • Sre Service Ops
  • Based on the Service Architecture Recommendations, the RESTBase service should be sunset and replaced with an API Gateway
  • For RESTBase to continue service it would need to be upgraded and moved to Kubernetes both expensive endeavours
  • The newly implemented API Gateway Infrastructure can support the features currently provided by RESTBase while reducing cost of maintenance and simplfying our services architecture
Aligned Goals:
  • No clear alignment with Org OKRs
Estimated Effort:
  • 1 SRE
  • 2-3 FTE
  • Program Manager to coordinate across teams and orgs
  • Engineering Manager
Risk assessment:
  • Requires work from other services teams
  • Need to identify impact caused by changing caching approach for services