Core Platform Team/Initiatives/Movie API

Initiative Vision

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  • A read-write API to access Wikimedia’s huge corpus of movie and television data
  • Establish a pattern for vertical APIs concentrating on developers’ needs
Target Group(s):
  • Movie-focused application developers
  • Data scientists
  • Alternative to undocumented IMDB private API
  • Film production metadata
  • Cast and crew listings
  • Localised titles
  • Localised plot summaries
  • Localised quotes
  • Localised production notes
  • Cast and crew filmographies
  • Liberal API terms of service
  • Royalty-free data license
  • CRUD API for movie objects, assembled from Wikidata, Wikipedia and Wikiquote content
  • CRUD API for cast and crew, assembled from Wikidata, Wikiquote and Wikipedia content
  • Movie search by title
  • People search by name
  • All integrated into Wikimedia Public API platform, including unified authorization, documentation and API limits
Aligned Goals:
  • Increase reuse and distribution of content
  • Increase feature parity among clients by structuring content and providing a full featured API.
  • Increase ease of developing data driven applications and features.
  • Reduce the complexity of the platform.
  • Increase ease and speed of feature development.