Core Platform Team/Initiatives/ML Platform API

Initiative Vision

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  • An API framework to connect client developers with machine-learning models easily and consistently.
Target Group(s):
  • Growth
  • Language
  • Android
  • Anti-Harassment Tools
  • Machine Learning
  • Research
  • Link recommendations (Growth)
  • Translation recommendations (Language)
  • Task recommendations (Android)
  • Sockpuppet detection (AHT)
  • Connect with client development teams (Research)
  • Expose hosted ML models for client developers (ML)
  • “Glue code” between client developers and ML hosting platform
  • Generic API for machine learning models (features -> result, feedback)
  • Tools for building domain-specific APIs for specific models (user id -> possible sock puppet accounts)
  • Mounted on API gateway
  • Documented in API Portal
Aligned Goals:
  • “Software platforms with integrated machine learning, rich media, and structured data components, and associated tooling for internal and external development and reuse of code and content.”