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Initiative Vision

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  • Improve ability of Product teams to build User driven interfaces by providing richer, more flexible data access
  • Stakeholder(s):
    • Analytics
    • Architecture Team
    • Product Teams
    • Sre Service Ops
  • MediaWiki is not built to understand historical data, it understands its current state
  • To provide better data quality to support evolved user interfaces it is necessary to be able to flexibly collect and access richer data
  • The Analytics and Core Platform Team have developed a plan to improvement our event based architecture to provide more up to date data and to serve it through accessible APIs
Aligned Goals:
  • Increase the impact of knowledge with data
Estimated Effort:
  • 1 SRE
  • 2 FTE
  • 2 Analytics Engineers
  • Program Manager to coordinate across teams and orgs
  • Engineering Manager
Risk assessment:
  • Need buy in from Architecture Team
  • Need support from Product Teams