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Initiative Description

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We will establish a standard document format for featured content on Wikipedia and Wikivoyage so that more languages and projects can expose a featured content API.

Significance and Motivation

An external organization asked Partnerships for help in incorporating featured article content into their very large platform, using Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.

Partnerships contacted us, and we gave them the documentation for the featured articles feeds. However, the partner wants to start off with South Asian and Southeast Asian languages (Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, ...). We don't have featured article feeds for those languages in WP or in WV.

The reason is that the featured feeds code parses each project's featured articles page; each project uses a different format for this page, so it's a custom parser for each. Consequently, there's only a few projects that have this feed.

The fix is to encourage projects to use a "standard" format for their featured pages, so the API code only needs to parse one (or a few) formats.

Corey Floyd worked on a recommended format previously (User:CFloyd_(WMF)/Feed_Markup_Documentation); I'd like to do the work with Community Engagement to encourage the communities to convert to this format, and then make sure the parser works correctly, holding out the partner integration as a carrot.

This seems like a great opportunity to use APIs to directly grow the presence of the projects in people's lives. Spreading beyond enwp and dewp to the long tail of projects would be something communities could adopt and move forward with.

  • Integration of Wikipedia and Wikivoyage content into third-party platforms
  • More contributors
Baseline Metrics
  • Featured content feeds for only WP
  • Featured content feeds for only a few languages
Target Metrics
  • Featured content feeds for Wikivoyage
  • Featured content feeds (or confirmation that communities don't want the feeds) for
    • Bahasa Indonesia
    • Hindi
    • Tagalog
    • Thai
    • Vietnamese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Cantonese
    • Bahasa Melayu
    • Bengali
    • Khmer
    • Lao
    • Burmese
  • Easy for other language communities to expose featured content feeds in the future
  • Community Engagement
  • Product Infrastructure
  • Partnerships
Known Dependencies/Blockers

None given

Epics, User Stories, and Requirements

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TBD: convert to user story format

  • Finalize standard featured story template format
  • Write parser for featured story template format for Wikifeeds (NodeJS, CPT or PI or ...?)
  • Notify projects that they can have featured content feed APIs if they change their featured article lists (community engagement?)
  • Expose feeds through RESTBase for projects that have changed their featured article lists (CPT)
  • Manage Partners