VisualEditor team Edit

  • VisualEditor, a stand-alone rich HTML editor with a separate deep integration into MediaWiki
  • WikiEditor (the main wikitext editor on Wikimedia wikis; mostly in maintenance)
  • The basic MediaWiki default wikitext editor inside EditPage.php (purely maintenance)
  • 2017 wikitext editor

Maintained, supported, and related editing-related tools Edit

Maintained libraries Edit

  • The OOjs library for OO JavaScript development
  • The OOjs UI library for widget-based front-end development (in PHP and JavaScript)
  • UnicodeJS
  • CSSJanus

Collaboration team Edit

Maintained, supported, and related collaboration tools Edit

Multimedia Edit

See Multimedia.

Language Edit

See Wikimedia Language engineering.

Parsing Edit

See Parsing.

Analysis Edit

See Editing/Analysis.

Other responsibilities Edit

The Editing department is also generally responsible for these areas, although they don't belong to a specific team within the department:

  • User accounts, preferences, and registrations