Contributors/FY2016 Retrospectives

Goals edit

  • Identify factors that are sustaining the department's delivery of value to the movement
  • Identify factors that are hindering the department's delivery of value
  • Make plans to support key factors (maintain the helpful factors, change the hindering factors)
  • Answer the question: did we succeed at what we set out to do in FY2016?

Plan edit

Agenda for team retrospectives edit

  • review key events and results over the time period
    • Chronological review
    • Phabricator data analysis
  • identify things that went well and should be preserved
  • identify things that should be changed
  • Vote on the things to figure out which ones are most important
  • Discuss those, including identify followup actions (to be reviewed at the next retro)

Team Retrospectives edit

To be completed by 22 July 2016.

Department Retrospective edit

Department Retrospective Minutes.

Discussion edit