Content translation/Release criteria round 1

Phabricator board Note: this will be prepared in the next few weeks to align with the objectives outlined below

Feature fixesEdit

Data LossEdit

Issues causing loss of data will be triaged to appropriate level of severity and fixed based on the following consideration:

  • Is a workaround available?
  • Is it caused by a problem in CX or by individual user preferences or wiki-wide setting?
  • Can it be solved by the CX developers? (e.g. network issues are beyond the development team’s control)
  • What is the extent of loss: a few words, paragraphs, whole translation?

Expected outcome: While using Content Translation if users are informed that their translations have been saved then it must be saved and users must be able to restore the the saved version at any time.

Tracker ticket: T146345

Saving and Publishing failuresEdit

Issues that prevent users from saving and publishing articles are fixed based on the task priority

  • The content that the user sees in the translation interface must be saved, a notification about saving must be shown, and the same content must be loaded.
  • The content that the user sees in the translation interface is the same content that is published, including references, templates, images, formulas, galleries, and categories.
  • Issues that block publishing, such as account blocking, lack of permissions, AbuseFilters, etc., are clearly shown to the user as early as possible.

Expected Outcome: Bugs that block any of the above points are fixed. For saving and publishing failures that occur at a later period, a stated timeline for bug resolution will be determined based on the task priority guidelines.

Basic Content Translation workflowEdit

The core workflows of Content Translation beginning from the Entry points and completing when an article is published does not have any regressions.

Core workflows include the following three core test workflows (full details):

  • Publishing a draft of a missing page through gray interlanguage links
  • Publishing a suggested article in two steps
  • Publishing a draft with the corresponding warnings
  • Suggestions are shown in the suggestion tab on the dashboard

Expected outcome: The core workflows are thoroughly tested for regressions and any gaps in the expected workflow are appropriately triaged and corrected.

Tracker ticket

Mark-up and post-edit overheadEdit

Issues that produce mark-up when publishing and that need post-edit clean-up will be triaged to appropriate levels of severity and fixed based on the following criteria:

  • Valid adaptation of templates, references, and formulas without markup failure
  • No uncontrolled template substitution

Expected outcome: Bugs that affect the above list are fixed.

Tracker ticket:

Editing toolsEdit

No new features to be integrated but existing bugs of the following classification are to be triaged to an appropriate level of severity and fixed:

  • Automatic Translation card is shown, allows enabling and disabling of machine translation, as well as removing and restoring machine-translated content, switching between different engines, and saving the user's default preference
  • Template Editor: Ability to copy parameters one by one according to TemplateData and publish
  • Section alignment: All sections must be shown on the same level horizontally.
  • Issues that prevent typing or editing of any kind.
  • Rich text editing component based on VisualEditor (VE)

Expected outcome: Fix bugs that block editing features according to the list above and complete the VE component integration.

Tracker ticket:

Prevention of disruption for users who don't use Content TranslationEdit

Issues within Content Translation that affect the workflow of users who are not using the tool should be analysed for impact and fixed according to appropriate severity.

Expected outcome: Minimal to no impact on expected user workflows outside the Content Translation special pages

Tracking ticket: T116533


Performance fixes for the Content Translation features that are exposed in all pages. This includes:

  • Gray interlanguage links
  • Contributions pop-up menu
  • Contributions page

Expected outcome: a stated timeline for bug resolution will be determined based on the task priority guidelines and WMF infrastructure requirements

Tracker ticket

Testing and pre-deployment preparationEdit

The following sections will be filled in after consultation with other departments in WMF and/or relevant user groups

Cross browser compatibilityEdit

Same as VE

Quality analysis/TestingEdit

Monitoring + Tech Ops / RelEng sign-offEdit

Rollout & Communication plansEdit

Tracker ticket

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