Code of Conduct/Amendments

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The Code of Conduct can be amended under the condition that changes made are not expected to reduce its effectiveness. In order to achieve this, the Committee facilitates a review process in these terms:

  • The process for proposing changes to the Code of Conduct applies equally to Committee members and anyone else.
  • Anybody wishing to modify the Code of Conduct can propose the changes by posting them in the related Discussion page. People wanting to remain anonymous may send their proposals to, and the Committee will post them.
  • A new proposal can be discussed informally by anybody as soon as it is published.
  • A proposal may be modified or abandoned by their promoters as a result of the initial discussion.
  • Every three months, the Committee collects the ideas proposed (if any) and organizes a call for feedback announced in the main technical spaces.
  • A proposal is accepted and integrated to the Code of Conduct by the Committee when the community reaches consensus, unless a majority of the regular Committee members oppose it.
  • Proposals declined can be resubmitted only when the new proposal reflects changes that guarantee a fresh discussion instead of a repetition of the previous one.