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Typography Refresh は今週テストされるもうひとつのベータ版機能です。

The Beta Features program lets developers roll out new software in an environment where lots of users can use these features, then give feedback to help make them better. Think of it as a digital laboratory where community members can preview upcoming changes and help designers and engineers make improvements based on their suggestions. Learn more below and on this project hub.

初期機能 edit


メディア ビューアー
このツールを使用するとマルチメディアファイルの閲覧機能が改良されます。メディア ビューアーは、サムネイルのあるページで画像をより大きくして見られるようにします。画像は「Lightbox」形式で見やすく重なるように表示され、さらに最大サイズでも見ることができます。この機能についての議論はこちら
ビジュアルエディター (日本語版ウィキペディアでの説明)
ビジュアルエディターを利用すれば、ウィキコードの習得をしなくても、簡単にページを編集できます。この機能のベータ版は提供されていますが、デフォルトで有効になっていないサイトには、オプトインバージョンが含まれています。また、私たちはビジュアルエディターを強化するための新しい試験機能を追加しています (下記参照)。この機能についての議論はこちら
Typography Refresh
This beta feature makes text more readable, accessible and consistent. It updates the Vector skin to use 'serif' fonts in section headings and 'sans serif' fonts in the body copy, for a better visual experience. Discuss this feature.
Nearby Pages
This feature lets you see other related pages to pages you view which contain longitude and latitude information. Discuss this feature.
New Search
Use a new search engine, "CirrusSearch". Available on wikis where the alternative search backend is provided as an opt-in. Discuss this feature.
Compact language links
Show a shorter version of the language list, with just the languages that are more relevant to you. Discuss this feature.
Provides readers with a short summary of an article whenever they hover over a link to it. Discuss this feature.

支援方法 edit

Can you help us test Beta Features in coming days? Our first features are now available for testing by logged-in users on all wikis worldwide.

新機能を試用するには、ベータ版機能用の新しいセクションで有効にしたいものをチェックして、「Save」をクリックしてください (スクリーンショット参照)。新しいベータ版機能がリリースされるたびに自動的に有効にすることもできますし、どの部分もいつでも無効にできます。見つけやすくするため、ログインした際に「Beta」のリンクを「Preferences」の隣に表示します。

Try out Beta Features and let us know what you think of this program on this discussion page. You can also comment on each feature's discussion page (see links above and on your Beta Features preferences page). If you find any technical bugs, please report them here.

Note: If you would like to hide the 'Beta' link in your personal menu, you can easily remove it by going to your personal style page and pasting in this CSS rule on a line by itself: #pt-betafeatures { display: none; }. For more technical documentation, visit the BetaFeatures extension page.

Beta Features was created by the Wikimedia Foundation's Design, Multimedia team and VisualEditor teams. These and other teams will be adding more features every few weeks, going forward. We also invite community developers to start testing their new improvements in Beta Features in coming weeks by working closely with WMF designers and engineers. To prepare a new Beta Feature, read these helpful tips, check this technical documentation and post your submission on the queue for new Beta Features.

謝辞 edit

Beta Features was brought to you by many Wikimedia Foundation team members, including: Fabrice Florin, James Forrester, Mark Holmquist, Jared Zimmerman, Jon Robson, Ed Sanders, Gergő Tisza, Bryan Davis, May Galloway, Keegan Peterzell, Nick Wilson, Maggie Dennis, Quim Gil, Erik Moeller, Howie Fung, Rob Lanphier, and Tomasz Finc, to name but a few. We're also grateful to all the community and team members who helped create this system — and look forward to many more productive collaborations in the future.