Berlin Hackathon 2011/date poll

The poll is closed! It's kept around for reference.

Please tell us when on which weekends you can't come. If you like, let us also know why - we are especially interested in the dates for exams etc around Europe.

May, 2011  
13‑15 May  20‑22 May   
Yes Yes Chad - the only weekend in May I'm not free is the first weekend (6-8th) and my exams continue through the 11th. So the 13-15th is pushing it travel-wise, but I can make that work. Edit: May 20-22 would be even better! 15:15, 3 March 2011 (UTC)
Yes Yes Roan - I'm good for all weekends in May. My exams are in mid-April and late June
Yes No Sam - Exam period starts for me 16th May, through 10th June. I will have firm exam dates on the 21st March...
Yes Yes Siebrand - I'm good for all weekends in May, provided it will not take until end of March to decide on a date.
Yes Yes Aude - Would prefer the weekend of 28 May, which is a holiday weekend in the US. More chance that I could come that weekend and since we're hacking on GLAM stuff, would really want to be there. (still prefer the second weekend. Aude 18:11, 5 March 2011 (UTC))Reply[reply]
Multichill - If I'm in Berlin, I just have to miss something else. Please decide quickly.
Yes half Yes half Bryan - Any weekend is fine, but if it's on the 13th I'll arrive late in the evening and the 20th late in the afternoon, so in both cases a lost day.
Yes Yes Hashar - Any week end is fine. I would likely make it a 4 days trip.
Yes Yes Victor - I am certainly not going to attend on the first week (SAT); most probably will miss it on last weekend (Russian exams on 30th May). 14/15 and 21/22 are best variants.
Daniel Kinzler (WMDE) - 26.-28. would be bad for me, I'd miss my daughter's 4th birthday.
No half Yes Kolossos - The first two weekends in may would be bad for me because I'm far away. May 13-15 seems stressful for me, but not impossible.
No half Yes JanPaul123 - Can't be there in the weekend of May 14th, because of a concert in the Netherlands. However, given that there seem to be a lot of birthdays and anniversaries in the other weekend, I can cancel it and be there.
No half Manuel Schneider - May 11th to 14th is LinuxTag in Berlin, so 14th/15th is not going to work while 7th/8th would be perfect as it saves another trip to Berlin; (later response) could arrive sometime late on the 14th & participate evening of 14th + 15th
Yes Yes Nikerabbit - Having another trip in first week of June, so preferably not just before it.
Yes No Husky 11:41, 22 February 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yes Yes Raymond Every weekend in May would be ok.
Yes Yes Ziko Both are possible for me.
Yes No Trevor Parscal The weekend of the 21st is bad for me, my daughter will be turning 4 that day
Yes No Krinkle Weekends May 6-8 and May 20-22 may be a bit difficult, but no show stoppers. Any weekend in May works or me.
Yes Yes Tomasz Finc - Any of them work for me.
Yes No RobLa-WMF - The weekend of the 22nd is bad for me (daughter turning 5 that weekend). I can still attend, but would greatly prefer another time.
Yes No brion - need to keep 20th-22nd clear for my anniversary if possible. :) Other weekends fine.
Yes Yes Ariel - Both weekends proposed are ok. The weekend of the 7th is not possible.
Yes Yes Nimish Gautam 15:22, 3 March 2011 (UTC) - May 31 is EuroVis data visualization conferenceReply[reply]
Yes Yes Brandon Harris - I'm good for any of it.
Yes Yes Arthur Richards -Both are fine.
Yes Yes Mark Hershberger -Both are fine.
Yes Yes Andrew Garrett Need to verify both with lecturers, but I believe either works for me. Would probably prefer the earlier weekend.
Yes Yes Amir E. Aharoni - Both are fine.
Yes No Carrie Smith - My daughter's sixth birthday is the 23rd. I'd rather not miss that.
Yes Yes Wikinaut - Both are fine. Would like to discuss further work on OpenID (volunteers for code review needed), and perhaps towards fixes of outstanding Enotif bugs like the bunch of 15646: Wrong 'new page' with email notifications. Perhaps discussion of finally enabling Enotif in enwiki, dewiki, if someone is interested.
Yes No Alolita Sharma - The weekend of May 21-22 doesn't work. Rest of the weekends are ok. Thanks!
Yes Yes Purodha Blissenbach - Both are fine, I perfer the later one.