Berlin Hackathon 2011

The Berlin Hackathon 2011 was an opportunity for MediaWiki developers to come together, squash bugs and write crazy new features. Like the last two years, it was awesome. Unlike the previous two years, there was more hacking and less talking. Also, this time around, we did this independently from the Wikimedia Conference. Wikimedia Deutschland was also happy to host the meetings of the European Wiki loves Monuments team and the Language Committee during the Hackathon (a.k.a. hackfest or hackaton or developers' meeting).

Berlin Hackathon 2011, 13.-15.05.2011, betahaus

This event has ended.

Venue edit

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Thursday (12th) edit

4pm - 8pm possibly a city tour
and/or Computerspielemuseum TBA
6pm - 8pm Pre-registration possible at the Hostel
Evening dinner at Hasir 6 - 10pm

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Topics edit

Here are the things we want to focus on at the hackathon

Core Topics edit

  Parser & templates
  • Fixing the parser. Once and for all. New parser design,
    • Report & demos of initial work from Brion & Trevor, leading into ongoing work with YOU!
      • quick review of prior work, ideas combined from various sources (building off Data Summit notes and more to come)
    • provisional wiki document model structure description
    • provisional migration strategy: way to mark pages or templates as safe, and a sane system for identifying when 'tainted' bits are on the page and what to do about it. Creating tools to help people manage this transition will be a big plus.
    • concrete examples of migrating existing bad template usages to use new-structure-friendly constructs
    • concrete example of using a bulk parser to identify those problematic constructs in existing page & template usage
  Wiki Loves Monuments
  • The new data center, and preparing all infrastructure and services for dual data center and fail-over
  • Expansion of the Virtualization Framework
  • Ipv6
  Development tools
  Usability sprint
  • Improving usability/accessibility with little skin hacks
    • newbie experience: Small gadgets/tools/improvements that make the lives of new users easier (-Erik Moeller)
  Mobile & Offline
  • Hacking on the new prototype gateway from (bug 25558)
  • Applications for Admins! Patrolling on your android while on the bus... -- Daniel Kinzler (WMDE) 18:46, 17 March 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Hack on WikiSnaps
  • News application. Read the signpost and Wikinews on your phone!
  • Lets detect all possible phones for the smart phone gateway. We shouldn't be sending smart phones to the pc site.
  • Help us fix open Kiwix bugs (
  • Improving openZim tools
  Commons licensing tool
  • Calling all jQuery & JavaScript hackers -- let's make an attractive and fun tool that allows users to understand how to pick a license. Like the Licensing tutorial or this poster but more interactive.
  Maps in Wikipedia
  Bug hunt

More Ideas edit

  • Language support - the Language committee is meeting in parallel sessions and there is some of the best expertise available in this group.
  • Big Data & Visualizations
    • RENDER - WMDE is involved in a EU funded study of editor behavior, article quality, etc. -- Daniel Kinzler (WMDE) 18:46, 17 March 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    • Better diff tool for nongeeks to grok? (see alpha software developed for "What Did They Do? Deriving High-Level Edit Histories in Wikis", paper by Peter Kin-Fong Fong and Robert P. Biuk-Aghai[2])
    • Real-time reading/editing Geo visualization
  • anybody interested in hacking CiviCRM/Drupal? -Prolineserver 18:08, 10 March 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • machine readable reasons for deletion, blocking, and oversight. -- Daniel Kinzler (WMDE) 08:38, 14 March 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • New editing user interfaces (visual, granular, collaborative (real-time), etc.)
    • may depend on parser, see above
  • Commons & Multimedia
    • Better licensing tools
    • Find a solution for multilanguage categories. This could help people to use Commons.
    • Better large file uploading
    • Improved Video support
  • Semantics and metadata
  • Sister projects:
    • Wikiquote more database-like (quotations with metadata, to extract them by author, work, theme or whatever): SemanticMediaWiki again?
    • Improve custom wiktionary editing tools (wikt:en:User:Conrad.Irwin/editor_docs)
  • Offline
    • Kiwix: what's next (next tasks, improve the organisation, how to help, kiwix for mobile, ...) ?
    • WMF Full ZIM build solution.
  • OpenID login and account creation issues (my patches, experiences, and discussion how to proceed) --Wikinaut 19:07, 11 May 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • WikiLove - expand existing user script per the design document, and add new modules!
  • Wikisource reCAPTCHA
  • meta:Wikiportrait
  • Narayam (keyboard mapper)
    • We have two (likely small) feature requests and bug reports.
    • How well does Narayam work on different localized keyboards? Can that be enhanced, or do we need to switch input to Narayam and keyboards to English at the same time?
    • Purodha has a series of cyrillic keyboard mappings, one ready for testing, but no way to verify and test them.

One the Sidelines (or later) edit

  • Toolserver
    • what exactly? –Krinkle
    • purpose of toolserver, what services it provides, and any process/workflow changes we're interested in. Sumanah 20:55, 7 March 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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