Manual:Autoconfirmed users

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Autoconfirmed users are wiki users who are members of the “Autoconfirmed users” user group. This is a special user group which is allocated automatically based on certain criteria.

The criteria are as follows:

  • $wgAutoConfirmAge (Interval of elapsed time (in number of seconds) since the creation of the account to qualify)
  • $wgAutoConfirmCount (number of edits that an account needs to have made to qualify)
BOTH criteria need to be satisfied for an account to be automatically promoted to the “Autoconfirmed users” user group.

What rights autoconfirmed users have is controlled via $wgGroupPermissions . By default, autoconfirmed users may:

  • Not be affected by IP-based rate limits, i.e. not be considered “newbies” for purposes of User::isNewbie() and Manual:$wgRateLimits (autoconfirmed)
  • Edit pages protected as "Allow only autoconfirmed users" (editsemiprotected)

You can override these via $wgGroupPermissions .

Note that temporary account users cannot be assigned to user groups, including the "Autoconfirmed users" group.

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