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The Top Edits tool gets edits by a user, either top edits per namespace or edits per page. The results for "All" namespaces are the same results that are embedded in the Edit Counter.

These statistics are only shown if the user has opted in to showing restricted statistics.

This shows the most-edited pages the user has edited in each namespace. For some namespaces, an "Assessment" column is shown if PageAssessments is installed on the wiki.

In each row you have a set of links. Clicking the "Top Edits" link will show you all edits the user has made to that specific page.

Top edits to an article

This view shows all edits made to a page by one user, in chronological order, as well as some summarizing statistics.

Note that reverted edits are only edits that were reverted with the immediately following edit.[1] Reverted edits are highlighted yellow in the list of edits.

The "Added text" figure is approximate; defined as any positive addition that wasn't reverted with the next edit.

Opting in to restricted statistics

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Some statistics are considered private by some users, such as the times of the day or year that they edit most or the pages they’ve made most contributions to.

The affected tools are as follows:

Although the data for these statistics is made available via MediaWiki's API, users must explicitly opt in to make the aggregate forms available in XTools.[2] Alternatively, a whole project can elect to be opted in by filing a request on Phabricator. Your wiki should have had a local discussion showing consensus for these statistics to be allowed.

How to opt in

To opt in, a user must create the page Special:MyPage/EditCounterOptIn.js (as in User:<username>/EditCounterOptIn.js) on each wiki they want to opt in for. This page should be created with any content (it just has to have some content).

To opt in on all projects, they must create meta:Special:MyPage/EditCounterGlobalOptIn.js (as in User:<username>/EditCounterGlobalOptIn.js) on MetaWiki. Again, the actual content of this page is irrelevant.

How to opt out

To opt out the relevant user page (single-wiki or global; see above) should be blanked or deleted.


  1. XTools will eventually take advantage of the new mw-reverted tag to indicate which edits are reverted, but only for edits made after this tag was introduced in September 2020.
  2. 2013 request for comment