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Page History工具,也被称为Article Info提供关于一个页面修订历史的详细统计数据。 请注意,如果一个页面有超过20,000次的修订,工具只扫描最近的20,000次修订。 你也可以通过使用https://xtools.wmcloud.org/articleinfo的 "开始日期 "和 "结束日期 "输入,只检查页面历史的某些时间范围。


整体统计部分包含了一个页面的统计概况。 这包括页面大小、编辑人数、编辑类型、编辑次数和各种平均数。

"Wikidata ID "字段还显示了网站链接的数量,这是指拥有关于同一主题的页面的姐妹项目的数量。

在数字统计下面有三个图表。 第一个显示了注册账户与匿名用户(IP)相比所做的编辑数量。 第二张图显示了被标记为次要的编辑与主要编辑(未标记为次要的)的数量对比。 最后一张图表显示了所有编辑中排名前10%的人对该页面的编辑次数,与排名后90%的人相比。 编辑员的排名是根据他们在页面上添加的内容的多少来决定的。


Under the "Prose" heading are various statistics about prose, sections, and references. The algorithm used to calculate prose was inspired by toolforge:prosesize. Specifically, various templates and content created by TemplateStyles , 數學 and 引述 are excluded when counting the bytes, characters and words. The section counting includes the lead section as well, so all pages will have at least one section.


指定著作权,按字符数统计(除空格)计算。 在https://xtools.wmcloud.org/authorship有一个专门的工具显示这些相同的统计数据。 统计数据是由 WikiWho 提供的。 欲了解更多信息,请参见关于 作者归属工具的资料。


主要编辑者部分显示了关于编辑过页面的用户和机器人的各种信息。 There are two pie charts comparing the top editors by number of edits and by added text. XTools does not count bot accounts as a top editor. Instead, they are listed in the bot list table.

By number of edits

The Top 10 by edits chart compares the number of edits each top editor made. The percentages shown in parentheses refer to the number of edits the user made in relation to total number of edits made to the page.

By added text

Added text refers to any positive addition of content that was not reverted with the next edit. This is because users who fight vandalism (for instance) will otherwise appear to have added a lot of content to a page, when in actuality they just undid an edit that removed a lot of content. Going by edits that weren't reverted, we have a better idea of the users who made meaningful contributions.

Note however that the Page history tool only detects reverts if it happened with the very next edit, and not a later edit.

The "Top 10 by added text" pie chart compares each of the 10 top editors. The percentages shown in parentheses refer to the amount of content that user added compared to all content that was added to the page.

Top editors table

The first table shown lists the top editors (non-bots) and various statistics about their contributions to the page. The last two columns show specialized calculations. Average time between edits (atbe) is the average number of days between each of the user's edits to the page. This is starting with the date of their first edit and the date of their last edit to the page. Added (bytes) refers to the net number of bytes of text the user added to the page.

By default only the first 20 editors are shown. You can expand to show all editors using the link on the bottom row of the table.

Bot list

The "Bot list" shows lists all of the bots that edited the page, ranked by edit count. A message is shown indicating if the bot is no longer a bot, and links to the account’s user rights log.

The list is by default limited to the top 10 bots. You can expand to show all bots using the link on the bottom row of the table.


This section breaks down editing activity by each year.

The chart compares the number of edits, IP edits and minor edits over time. The yellow line represents the total size of the article as it changed over time (the right Y-axis denotes the values).

The table lists various statistics for each individual year. Log events show which logged events occurred during that year. The types of events XTools looks for include deletions (e.g. page was deleted then restored), page moves, protections that were applied, and if applicable, stable settings (also known as pending changes protection).


This section breaks down editing activity by each month. There is a small graph shown for each month, which compares the number of total edits made to IP edits and minor edits.


This lists all the known (semi-)automated tools that were used to edit the page. For more information on how this works, see the documentation on the Auto Edits tool.


Some wikis have a system of rating the quality of a page, known as an "assessment". This section lists any known assessments of the page from each WikiProject, based on 扩展:PageAssessments data. This section will not be shown if PageAssessments is not installed on the given wiki.


This section lists any issues with the page that were automatically detected. This includes missing basic Wikidata, such as the description, and CheckWiki errors, if applicable to the given wiki. For both, a table is shown explaining each issue and how to fix it. The "priority" indicates how important it is to fix the given issue according to CheckWiki, where 1 is the highest priority. "Notice" indicates where in the wikitext the issue lies.