Wikimedia Technical Conference/2018/Session notes/Standardizing frontend development tooling

Questions to answer during this sessionEdit

Question Significance:

Why is this question important? What is blocked by it remaining unanswered?

In our current front-end development stack and processes, what works? What doesn’t work? This will allow developers to talk about their own experiences with our front-end development process and stack and will provide guidance about what needs to be improved.
What front-end components or processes can be renovated? Which ones need to be torn down and fully rebuilt? This question provides guidance to both the degree of pain that various components cause, as well as the degree to which these components vary from what would be considered standard practice. The more inclination to tear something down, the more implied value in doing so.
What front-end interfaces, components or libraries would you need to make your next tool or extension rock? This question will provide input on missing infrastructure and tools in the front-end stack and might bring up issues with existing tools in question.

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Structured notesEdit

There are five sections to the notes:

  1. Questions and answers: Answers the questions of the session
  2. Features and goals: What we should do based on the answers to the questions of this session
  3. Important decisions to make: Decisions which block progress in this area
  4. Action items: Next actions to take from this session
  5. New questions: New questions revealed during this session

Questions and answersEdit

Please write in your original questions. If you came up with additional important questions that you answered, please also write them in. (Do not include “new” questions that you did not answer, instead add them to the new questions section)


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