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Serbian Search UpdateEdit

An important update to search is coming soon to wiki projects in Serbian. We will be deploying new language processing that will improve search on Serbian wikis, including:

  • Transliteration, so that searching for either of астрономија or astronomija will find the other.
  • Stemming, which links related forms of a word, so that searching for астрономија, астрономије, астрономији, or астрономију will find the others.
  • Better handling of diacritics, particularly those used as a guide to pronunciation, so that searching for астроно̀мија or астрономија will find the other. Important Serbian characters (đ, ž, ć, č, and š) will be unchanged.
  • You can still search for exact words by using quotes, so that "астрономија" will not match astronomija, астрономије, or астроно̀мија.