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What We DoEdit

Design Research collaborates with Design, Analytics, Engineering, Product and the Wikipedia Community in order to help define what, at a high level teams should build and why (Generative Research). Also, Design Research supports iteration of concepts and functionality toward a usable and intuitive experience for users (Evaluative Research). Design Research, including both generative and evaluative research rely on a toolkit of research methodologies to provide findings informing decision making, concept development and concept iteration. Though the design team has been performing evaluative research to support iteration, design research is a new department at Wikimedia Foundation, and is growing and evolving to support the movement, the community and the foundation.

Participate in Research!Edit

If you would like to participate in future research, please opt in by completing this survey. From this survey we will understand what kind of research would be best to invite you to participate in. Also, if you have opted in to be a research participant and would like to opt back out, please send us an email at asking us to remove your information from our database of opted in participants.

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Core Features Edit



Visual Editor: desktop and laptop
Mobile Editing
Mobile Web
The wikitext editor


Acquisition of new users:
  • Guided tours
  • Task suggestions


Mobile Web


Media Viewer

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Archives of Broader Wikimedia Research TeamEdit

Wikimedia Research Portal

Methodologies for Design ResearchEdit

Heuristic Evaluation / Cognitive Walkthrough

Guerrilla Research / Cafe Research

Unmoderated remote usability testing

Moderated remote usability testing

Contextual Inquiry

Design Ethnography

Unmoderated and moderated task benchmarking

Tools for Design ResearchEdit

Google Hang Outs OnAir - "Usability lab" for moderated, remote generative and evaluative research. — Unmoderated remote scripted usability testing (only 15 minutes per session)

Optimal Sort - Unmoderated card sorting tool — Surveys with some analysis tools and simple logic.

Qualtrics - Surveys with more analysis tools and more complex logic capabilities.