Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Help

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Category Service Description Docs Request help Who to contact Runbook
Deployment Halt the train Stop the MediaWiki train docs Phabricator Tyler
Deploy a new extension Get a new extension deployed to Wikimedia Production docs Reach out in Slack/IRC skill matrix
Bug Tracking Two-factor auth reset Reset your two-factor auth in Phabricator docs Phabricator skill matrix Wikitech docs
Silence bulk phabricator changes Make changes in bulk docs Reach out in Slack/IRC skill matrix
Code Hosting New GitLab Groups Request a new GitLab group docs Phabricator skill matrix
New Gerrit Repo Request a new group or repo in Gerrit docs Requests skill matrix
Gerrit permission changes Change your gerrit permissions docs Phabricator skill matrix
Continuous Delivery New Docker image for CI Create a new docker image for CI docs Phabricator skill matrix
Use the continuous delivery pipeline Deploy a new service with our continuous delivery pipeline docs Phabricator skill matrix