Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/FAQ

Below is an expanding list of frequently asked questions for our team.

What versions are deployed?


See "currently active MediaWiki versions" on

Is there a train next week?

  1. Check the Deployment Calendar
  2. Check the long-term calendar wikitech:Deployments/Yearly_calendar
  3. Ask User:TCipriani (WMF)

When is the next deployment?


Check the Deployment Calendar. If the calendar is not up-to-date, ping User:TCipriani (WMF) as something has gone awry.

Was something just deployed? What was just deployed?


Check the Server Admin Log (SAL) for details.

Is [insert gerrit patch] deployed?

  1. Make sure you have a local git checkout of MediaWiki, the extension, or skin you want to check
  2. Check #What_versions_are_deployed? what versions are deployed
  3. Find the SHA1 of the commit you want to check
  4. git pull
  5. git branch wmf/[version] --contains [SHA1]; e.g., git branch wmf/1.39.0-wmf.19 --contains 5ee155e517e378ba0ab658df26534d9b841dc76c

Do we keep statistics about deployment?


Yes! See the train-stats repo on GitLab.

What extensions are deployed by WMF?


The canonical source is in the repos/releng/release repository. In the file make-release/settings.yaml.

What version is [some wiki] running?


Each wiki's version is listed in the wikiversions.json. The current version of that file can be found on

How do I become a deployer?


To learn to deploy MediaWiki sign up for deployment training

Who can deploy?


Anyone listed in the deployment group in puppet can deploy MediaWiki.

Services have their own deployers that varies by service.