Wikimedia Product/Wikimedia Product Infrastructure team/Maintenance

This page gather knowledge about specific infrastructure we need to keep track for maintenance work

Virtual Machines used for testingEdit

Beta Cluster (Horizon) - deployment-prepEdit

The Beta Cluster instances must have code deployed by manually updating their configs with the latest deployment pipeline image tags. These instances are usually used for deployment tests and/or restbase Continuous Integration, the current maintained virtual machines are:

  • 192f5f2e-e111-4913-9517-570106264173 m1.medium
  • fdc4054c-d176-4202-b466-4478a0a1b2ba m1.small
  • 47f8bf1e-31bb-48a9-a8ad-c116e0ab6112 g2.cores1.ram2.disk20
  • 08e7b7ab-2bc5-4a32-9487-3adedd27c0db m1.small
  • eee76035-4494-4f99-9aa8-851dc11146c8 g2.cores1.ram2.disk20

Standalone instancesEdit

The standalone instances in the mobile project have their code updated from master every three minutes by scripts/ running via cron, the standalone instances handle both beta and production domain parameters seamlessly, while the Beta Cluster ones (probably) can't handle production domains, at least without some code updates, the current maintained virtual machines are:

  • 1951ac76-2b85-4796-a649-e36697c86e8b m1.medium
  • cae6d2b6-a828-4d52-8572-eb802b2b34b1 g2.cores1.ram2.disk20
  • 04935fd1-0b74-4ca0-aecd-cc6b8ef928ef g2.cores1.ram2.disk20

Additionally, some virtual machines related to the projects under our maintenance were created by the apps teams, and those are:

  • 40a61ec3-aed4-49a8-aab4-fb2f4538ef33 m1.small
  • 80dfbd61-0ba8-4aca-addc-0b07fc655489 g2.cores2.ram4.disk40
  • 058c46d0-5a16-4531-928a-df30be8c07c6 m1.medium
  • d9a12e10-27d6-4ae8-b5c2-b69cc2ff1f44, g2.cores1.ram2.disk20