Wikimedia Maps

August 2021 update: On third-party usage

This page is where developments relating to Wikimedia maps will be announced and discussed after July of 2018. It takes over from the Map improvements 2018 page, which documented a project that added various upgrades in the first half of that year, and from the Wikimedia Maps/2015-2017 page, which preceded that.

Goals edit

Maintain the Wikimedia maps infrastructure including the Kartographer and Kartotherian services.

Feedback edit

Bug reports and requests can be made in Phabricator. See How to report a bug. Please tag tasks with #Maps.

Project updates edit

August 2021 edit

March 2021 edit

July 2018 edit

  • Grooming existing #maps and #maps-sprint board
  • Cataloging critical bugs
  • Ensuring reproducibility of deployment processes
  • Cataloging repositories location and ownership
  • Upgrading OS to Stretch

August 2018 edit

  • Upgrading OS to Stretch (continued)
  • Added Stretch testing instance (deployment-maps04) to the Beta Cluster
  • Upgrading Mapnik to 3.7.2
  • Dealing with vandalism
  • Posted the August 14, 2018 update on Status of map styles

September to December 2018 edit

  • Upgrading OS to Stretch (continued)
  • Fixed Tilerator crashing with populate_admin script
  • Make snapshot service generate higher DPI images
  • Dependencies mapping and upgrading
  • Fixed stale z9 tile generation
  • Tilerator overloading proxy incident
  • Decommission of maps-test
  • Added map tile purge rule for cache invalidation strategies

Useful mapping links edit