Wikimedia Hackathon 2018/Design/Design Sprint Workshop

We would like to conduct a design workshop to better understand how editors use mobile devices and also create a space for editors and community members to sketch out ideas to solve the problems they face.

Editing on mobile devices is a big focus point for the Wikimedia Foundation's product teams, along with formal design research, this could be a good opportunity to collaborate with community members and learn about possible directions for providing editing workflows like Recent Changes, Watchlist, Diffs on mobile devices.

Problem statement


There are numerous editing workflows that are missing from the Mobile Web version of Wikipedia. If we were to implement these workflows on the mobile website by various technological methods, how would they work? How would they look? Are there any low hanging fruit solutions? How can we keep a balance between ideal solutions, and simple solutions that overtime become ideal solutions?



We will be using the Design Sprint Kit to run this workshop.

The workshop will be broken up into 3 parts:

12:00 : Introduce and share the goal of the session

12:10 : Introduce editing taxonomy

12:20 : Experience sharing

Ask if anyone has used any of the workflows

Ask them to share their experience with us

12:30 : Share advantages of Mobile phones

Share intersection of workflows and Mobile

12:40 : Use the mobile rubric to evaluate which workflows might make sense on mobile

01:00 : Thank you for joining

Expected outcome

  • Understand level of interest in community members and editors on solving this problem statements
  • Understand the importance of individual pain points
  • Explore possible direction on approaching this problem
  • Build working relationships with community members
  • Exercise collaborative design methods

Who is needed

  • Participants interested in design, editing and curating, communities, sketching, Wikimedia, Wikipedia
  • Process: Max
  • Design: Nirzar, Alex, Carolyn (optional)
  • Product: Olga


  • Facilitator (Program Management)
  • Observer (Designer)
  • Note taker (Designer/PM)
  • Time Keeper

Time required


1 hour

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