Wikimedia Hackathon 2016/Showcase

Date/Time: 16:00-17:00 Sunday

Location: Attic, Hansen House

How will it work:

  • Each project team should take between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to present their hackathon project.
  • Project teams can use this time to do anything they want to showcase their work.
  • Projectors with sound connection are available to visually demo anything.
  • If you would like help putting together a good looking presentation or demo video, please ask!
  • Include as many links as you can to your work, phabricator tasks should be updated with a longer description and summary or the work and process.

Add your project here: edit

MWStew: MediaWiki extension boilerplate maker edit

Participants names: Moriel Schottlender (and many who posted bugs/issues!)

Short description: An online form that generates a zip file with the basic files needed to start MediaWiki extensions.


Tool labs:

Security-isolated JavaScript widgets edit

Phabricator Task: T131436

Participants Names: Brion, Osher, Rany, Omar, Felipe

Short Description: Safer JavaScript plugins/widgets/gadgets/userscripts using iframe-based security isolation.

Sample plugin displays graphs of entity relations on Wikidata with strictly-limited -- but extensible -- access to the host wiki's session. Further work will examine editor-facing tools like VisualEditor plugins as well as possibilities for embedded interactive content.

Other Links:

Wikifab: A Mediawiki site for Makers edit

Phabricator Task: Wikifab workboard

Participants Names: Clément, Pierre

Short Description: Wikifab is a Mediawiki-based site of tutorials to learn how to make anything.

Following the recommandation of the participants to whom we show the platform during the weekend, we would like to take the opportunity of the sessions to show you what we have been working on since 6 months.

Other Links:

Add non-exact title search to Special:Undelete edit

Phabricator Task: T109561

Participants Names: Erik Bernhardson, Stas Malyshev

Short Description: Add non-exact title search to Special:Undelete, allowing typo correction, case & accent folding, etc.

Measuring ORES' bias against anons and mitigating it edit

Phabricator Task: T120138

Participants Names: Avnerk & EpochFail

Short Description: We explored the bias that ORES' damage detection models have against anonymous editors in Wikipedia. We did a statistical analysis to show that the bias is extreme and then changed our modeling strategy to minimize the bias re-measured the effects.

Other Links: &

Increasing language coverage for ORES edit

Phabricator Task:

  • T131505 -- Deploy quality labeling campaign to Arabic Wikipedia (with translatewiki!)
  • T131446 -- Deploy quality labeling campaign to Hungarian Wikipedia)
  • Gather language assets for

Participants Names: Sumit.iitp, Putnik, Tgr, Johan, Petrb, Danny_B., User:EpochFail

Citoid integration for Wikidata edit

Phabricator Task: T131661

Participants Names: aude

Short Description: a widget that allows users to more easily add references to Wikidata, with help of Citoid.

Translating MediaWiki through a mobile chat app edit

Phabricator Task:

Participants Names: Amir E. Aharoni (with a lot of help from Marko, Bryan, Brad, and other wonderful people)

Short Description: I now have a proof of concept for making translations at using the Telegram chat app.

Edit interface for Extension:CollaborationKit edit

Phabricator Task: I forgot to file one.

Participants Names: Isarra (with a lot of help)

Short Description: We now have a fancible form for editing the json, and because I'm a nutjob it uses pseudowikitext for dealing with lists.

Support for some 3D file formats edit

Phabricator Task: T3790 ranked #11 on the community wishlist

Participants Names: Gilles

Short Description: Thumbnail generation and client-side rendering of 3D printing model formats (AMF and STL).

Other Links: Extension:3d ("The Media Viewer part is uncommitted because still very hacky. Will put it up for review after the hackathon.")

Newsletter extension, got into beta edit

Phabricator Task: T110170

Participants Names : Tina Johnson, Quim Gil, Addshore, Ori, Tyler Romeo, Tony Thomas

Short description: We went through almost everything blocking the extension to hit deployment, and got almost 35 patchsets created and merged in the 3 days, and Ori has promised to get the extension to beta. Thanks to everyone in and around the table!

Other links:

Diffs edit

Phabricator task:

Participants: Jon R

Short description: Unified diffs for MediaWiki

Gerrit stats edit

Phabricator task: N/A

Participants: Jon R

Short description: Exploring ideas to clean up Gerrit (Needs CORS browser extension enabled)

screenshot of the version finished at the hackathon

RevisionSlider: Navigate through diff pages edit

Phabricator Task:

Participants Names: Jakob, Fisch

Short Description: The RevisionSlider is a prototype demonstrating how navigation on the diff/history view could be improved. It is based on the first prototype by Niharika from the Community Tech team.

Other Links:

  • Original task: [1]
  • Original Community Tech info page : [2]

Extension "Watch a set of users" edit

Phabricator Task: T2470

Participants Names: Pierre, Clément

Short Description: An extension that provides a 'user-watchlist' that lists all recent contributions of a set of users

Other Links:

Extension developer navigation bar edit

Phabricator Task: phab:T131690

Participants Names: User:Mglaser, User:80686

Short Description: A navigation structure for extension developers

Extension developers should be able to find all ressources easily. This navigation bar points to all the important ressources.

Other Links:

Hackathon Art edit

Untitled - Addshore, Wikimedia Hackathon, 2016

Phabricator Task: -

Participants Names: @addshore

Short Description: Addshore would like to show a painting he made when the internet at the hostel was non-functional. Perhaps we should create an art competition every year? ;)

Wikidata statistics diff edit


Phabricator Task: -

Participants Names: @addshore, @valhallasw

We have had statistics map for a while (e.g., but we now improved the visualisation by adding a diff. Uganda & Belarus have a large visible increase in items.

Previously a large difference was visible in mexico due to wikimania Link to follow..

Other Links:

Populate categories using wikidata interwiki links edit

Phabricator Task:

Participants Names: @valhallasw

Short Description: This proof of concept takes a category, a source and a target wiki, and suggests pages to be categorized on the target wiki based on the source wiki categorisation. Example:

Other Links: Showcase:

"Edit here" in the Android app edit

Phabricator Task: phab:T119887

Participants Names: Dmitry

Short Description: Highlight a word in the Android app, and start editing at that location in the wikitext.

orphan-groups edit

Title: orphan-groups

Phabricator Task: phab:T131702

Participants Names: Eran (talk) 11:16, 3 April 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Short Description: A small tool for generating report of groups of orphan pages


Librarybase edit

Phabricator Task: phab:T120115

Participants Names: T Arrow, J Hare

Short Description: A wikibase installation on Labs for data about sources of information. Now with functional SPARQL Endpoint; restarted and functional during hackathon; we just broke the 100k items mark!


Create article from ArticlePlaceholder with Content Translation edit

Phabricator Task: task T124036

Participants Names: Florian Schmidt, Lucie Kaffee

Short Description: How to create a new article from ArticlePlaceholder using ContentTranslation

Other Links: Extension:ArticlePlaceholder

Storing Structured Data on Wiki! edit

  • Participants names: Yuri
  • Complaining muse name: Danny B.
  • Short Description: Store JSON, Tabular, GeoJson, TopoJson, as a wiki page

Using the visual editor on Wikisource edit

Phabricator Task: task T48580 and task T93525

Participants Names: Tpt with Coren, Ed Sanders, Roan Kattouw, James Forrester

Short Description: We now have integration for the <pages> tag working in master, which means that it is possible to edit main namespace pages on Wikisource. We have made some good progress on editing the Page: namespace, which is not yet done (it will require a whole new integration of the visual editor for ProofreadPage) but will be soon. Consequently, from Thursday we will enable the Beta Feature for users to opt in to use the visual editor on Wikisources.

Other Links:, William (DNB00)?veaction=edit

Generate Translation links for Wiktionary edit

Phabricator Task: task T987

Participants Names: Gabriel Birke

Short Description: Create an extension that tracks Wiktionary words in every language in a central storage and generates the translation links from the storage. First steps towards the extension, but needs polish, a Gerrit repository and code review.

Convert Citation Hunt to Hebrew edit

Participants Names: Guilherme Goncalves, Dror Shenhav

Short Description: Citation Hunt is a tool for browsing snippets of Wikipedia articles that need citations in a newbie-friendly way. Converting it to Hebrew to assist the contributors of the Hebrew WikiPedia

Other Links: CitationHunt

Support moar better MediaWiki extensions in edit

Phabricator tasks:

Participants: Siebrand Mazeland

Short description: easily supports the translation of MediaWiki extensions that are hosted on the standard localisation for extensions or skins in Wikimedia's Gerrit. There are however also a lot of extensions (for VisualEditor, Wikidata and SemanticMediaWiki to name three larger groups), that are hosted and maintained in different paths in Gerrit or on GitHub. Recently, Nikerabbit wrote new repository handlers (repong) that now make it possible to support these repos. That also requires that the user(s) we commit with get the correct rights, etc, etc.

The demo part consists of showing some configuration parts.

Related commits:

Wiki Loves Monuments sprint edit

Phabricator Task: phab:T131714

Participants Names: User:Lokal Profil, User:Jean-Frédéric & User:Multichill

Short Description: Sprint on open bugs in the Monuments Database and the internals.

Other Links:

Wikidata imports edit

Phabricator Task:

Participants Names: User:Lokal Profil & User:Multichill

Short Description: Making it easier to upload data to Wikidata.

Other Links:

Import NLI Authority Records to Wikidata edit

Phabricator Task:

Participants Names: Eyal Reuven, Ido Ivri, Eran Rosenthal, Yona Bendlac, Dafna Hisrschfeld, Dror Shalev, Omer Dolev, With help from Maarten Dammers

Short Description: We're parsing authority records about people, places and organizations from NLI (the National Library of Israel) into Wikidata statements

Date ranges on Special:Contributions edit

Title: Date ranges on Special:Contributions

Phabricator task:

Participant names: Sumit, FlorianSW, Anomie, Roan Kattouw, Jon Robson

Special:Contributions has no provision for specifying date ranges. We get all contributions before a particular date. This task introduces date ranges on Special:Contributions to narrow down the contributions.

Other info: code review - [3]

WikiProjects in Citation Hunt edit

Title: Citation Hunt

GitHub Issue:

Participants Names: User:Surlycyborg, User:Harej, User:EpochFail

Short Description: WikiProjects are now available in the categories list for Citation Hunt! Try searching for "WikiProject" in

Other Links:

Graph:WindRose edit

Participants Names: Yuri Astrakhan, Oren Bochman,

Short Description: Wind Rose is a new template using the new graph extension. Visually it is similar to Florence Nightingale’s original Exploded Pie Chart. It provides a visualization of the proportion of wind-speed directions of prevailing average wind speeds in a geographic locations. Useful for pilots and skippers as well as Wikipedians who would like to provide this type of meteorological data for city, airports and harbours.

But a picture is worth a thousand words:

Work remaining: Adding labels for wind speed, directions and a legend

WikiForAll edit

Title: WikiForAll

Participants Names:




Short Description: WikiForAll means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with Wikipedia, and that they can contribute to Wikipedia. WikiForAll also benefits others, including older people with changing abilities due to aging. WikiForAll encompasses all disabilities that affect access to Wikipedia, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities.

Phabricator Tasks:







SERG edit

Phabricator Task: TBD

Participants Names: Julien (User:JGirault_(WMF))

Short Description: Grid layout for Multimedia SERP

Enhanced references edit

Phabricator task:

Participant names: Felipe Schenone

Short description: Enhanced <ref> tags and improved reference manager that now uses TemplateData. Also integration of WikiWidgets with a larger project that enables users to add safer, more powerful gadgets and other JavaScript tools to Wikipedia.