Wikimedia Developer Summit/2017/AI ethics

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Session Overview Edit

Algorithmic dangers and transparency -- Best practices
Day & Time
Tuesday, January 10th at 1:10PM PST
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Aaron Halfaker
Michael H, Ejegg
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#wikimedia-ai ( )


Session Summary Edit

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Purpose Edit

Advance our principles with regards to what's acceptable or problematic with regards to advanced algorithms.

Agenda Edit

Style Edit

Problem solving (discussion)

Discussion Topics Edit

  1. People affected by a prediction model should have the means to talk about it, identify problematic-seeming aspects
  2. training data given to models should be proper wiki artifacts so they can be edited and discussed
  3. how do we implement policies based on the "protected class" concept?
  4. any AI model should account for change in the dynamics of the social system -- models should reflect our values as they change.
  5. With vandalism tools, there's a tradeoff between educating users about why they got flagged and training vandals to be more subtle