Wikimedia Product/2018-19 Q4 Goals

TriangleArrow-Left.svgQ3 Wikimedia Audiences Goals, FY2018–19, Q4 (April-June) Q1TriangleArrow-Right.svg

Purpose of this document: Goals for the Wikimedia Audiences department for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2018–19 (April – June 2019). The goal-setting process owner in each section is the person responsible for coordinating the completion of the section, in partnership with the team and relevant stakeholders.

Goals for the Technology department are available on their own page.


Goal setting process owner: Danny Horn

Program Annual Plan Outcome Annual Plan Output Team Quarterly Goal Dependency
Community Wishlist Contributor productivity Completing wishes from the 2017 survey and investigating new wishes from the 2019 survey Community Tech
  • Complete feature development on “Who wrote that?” tool
  • Complete feature development and release Event Metrics
Management of Personal Data Data portability Wiki account data download Community Tech Release Data Portability tool None
New Content Progressive Onboarding Human-to-human help Growth
  • Deploy and iterate on newcomer homepage with controlled experiment. Determine whether it increases activation.
  • Continued iteration on help panel to increase engagement and impact on activation/retention.  Analysis of retention.
  • Make the help panel available to wikis beyond our target wikis.
Analytics Engineering, Legal, Community Ambassadors, Security, Analytics Engineering
Mobile contributing Visual-based mobile editing Editing Deploy Section Editing and Loading Screen Overlay to all wikis; product a report on impact. None
Local Language Content Content translation Language
  • Suport scenarios beyond starting new articles: expand existing content; and basic support for personal translation lists
  • Improvements required to moving Content Translation out of beta
Security, community relations
Communication Talk page consultation Contributors Product Phase 2: Public ideation process, and an agreement on a direction for the project. (Actual development work on the feature/s expected to begin in Q1 2019.) None
Community Health Tools fo informed decisions when harassment occurs. Improved blocking tools AHT
  • Enable Partial Blocks on all wikis, except those who opt-out or need additional time to evaluate policies.
  • Publish translated and scalable documentation and recommendations for use of Partial Blocks.
Trust & Safety
Individual users can protect themselves Mute features
  • Better handle local vs. global Mute preferences
  • Design and deploy contextual entry points for the Mute features


Goal setting process owner: Nirzar Pangarkar and Margeigh Novotny

Program Annual Plan Outcome Annual Plan Output Team Quarterly Goal Dependency
New Content Progressive onboarding Movement organizers study Design Strategy Movement Organizers field reviews and synthesis of findings None


Goal setting process owner: Jon Katz

Program Annual Plan Outcome Annual Plan Output Team Quarterly Goal Dependency
New Content Mobile Contributing Android contributing Android Edit Action Feed v2: add/translate Commons image captions + design improvements Reading Infrastructure
Mobile web contributing Web
  • Perform and deploy fixes for special pages for advanced mobile contributors
  • Complete navigation changes for advanced mobile contributions
iOS Contributing iOS
  • Research and plan for watchlist
  • Editor tasks feed (if proved on Android)
  • Autocomplete suggestions for wikitext
  • Retention notifications (if proved on Android)
  • Link insert widget with link preview
Platform Evolution CDP Engineers are able to access more functionality of the stack using well encapsulated components and well defined APIs Refactor presentation layer away from business logic code in MediaWiki Web Review and refactor Minerva components (pt 2) None

Ongoing Parser Unification

Parsing Complete mechanical porting all files in the Parsoid codebase None
Parsoid/PHP Parsing Collaborate with Core Platform Team to implement Parsoid API in MediaWiki core None