Wikimedia Apps/Android/Multilingual Support

This page describes an old project and is kept for historical reasons.



The Android team is introducing a number of new features intended to improve the experience of using the app for those who are multilingual. Soon, as on iOS, users will be able to set more than one language in the app. This in turn will allow you to more easily search across languages you speak, and see Explore feed content in all the languages of your choice.

What is changing




You'll now be able to add multiple Wikipedia languages in settings. These languages will be easily accessible to you from the search bar.

Explore Feed


You'll be able to set the types of cards you see in each language, so that you only see the content that's relevant and interesting for you.


Quickly search for content in any or all of your Wikipedia languages.



Don't hesitate to post questions or comments on the Talk page for this project. Report bugs or issues in Phabricator.

Those who are attending the Wikimedia Hackathon in Barcelona on 18-20 May 2018 may have the chance to take part in user research and give feedback. We'll have a user research booth you can stop by.

If you'd like to sign up to our beta testing programme, we're happy to hear from you as well.

Status updates


You can view activity associated with these features on Phabricator. The majority of the functionality will be in our 2.7.24x release.

We will add screenshots of some of these new features after we complete the first round of user testing. We don't want to bias the results of the testing by showing the designs ahead of time.