Welcome to the landing page for Wikibase. Here you'll find documentation and resources for the free software created by Wikimedia Deutschland. At its core, Wikibase is a powerful toolbox that offers a collaborative space for individuals and groups to contribute, edit, and curate information in a structured way. It can be easily consumed by computers, translated into multiple languages and shared with the rest of the world as part of the Linked Open Data web.

Wikibase Cloud Logo – symbol
Wikibase Cloud Logo – symbol
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Wikibase as a service, in the cloud. In Open Beta now!

What's the right Wikibase for you?

Use our Docker images to get Wikibase running locally in no time.

A brief introduction to this powerful software for managing structured data.

An invaluable community-run site for Wikibase and the various instances you can find across the net.

Some introductory concepts for those who may never have modeled data before.

Frequently asked questions about Wikibase.

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