Which Wikibase should I choose?

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Wikibase, Wikimedia Deutschland's free software for storing and sharing structured data, is available in two forms:

Wikibase Suite


Wikibase Suite consists of the various software packages that constitute Wikibase which users install and run on their own hardware. Wikibase Suite can be installed manually, piece by piece, or by using Docker images (recommended). Once installed, the software can be customised and extended just like any installation of MediaWiki.

Wikibase Suite is good for users who want to try out Wikibase on their own hardware and who want or plan to customise their installation. Suite grants you more control.

Wikibase Cloud


Wikibase Cloud is a cloud-based service run by Wikimedia Deutschland. Users can create up to six Wikibase instances that are fully hosted on WMDE servers. Users can activate or deactivate various features, though Wikibase Cloud instances can't employ custom extensions.

Wikibase Cloud is good for users who want a basic, functional Wikibase without the need for customisation and who may not be interested in running their own hardware. Cloud gives you a working Wikibase in seconds, allowing you to spend your energy on other activities such as data modeling.