VeesualEediter/Portal/New uisers

This page is a translated version of the page VisualEditor/Portal/New users and the translation is 100% complete.

Gif the VeesualEediter dis its job, we'r gaun tae hae ae lot mair new contreebuters than we'r uised tae, monie interestit in contreebutin producteevelie. Even wi ae simpler eeditin interface, it will still tak some time fer thaim tae adjust til the communitie n its norms. Luckilie maist waurks hae heelp forums or IRC channels whaur people can speir speirins, n pages that steer uisers thewairds thir forums n channels. Onluckilie, aes said, we'r na uised tae haein sae monie new contreebuters :).

Shid ye fynd yersel wi free time, please dae moniter the appropriate venues fer yer waurk. The exeestin heelpers will ondootedlie appreceeate onie asseestance that ye can affer.