VeesualEediter/Beta Featurs/General

This page is a translated version of the page VisualEditor/Beta Features/General and the translation is 100% complete.

Oan the wikis that hae the VeesualEediter enabled aes aen opt-in, ye can chuise tae switch it oan fer yer accoont aes ae pairt o the Beta Features programme.

The VeesualEediter provides ae WYSIWYG-lik rich tex eediter that lats ye eedit maist MediaWiki content, incluidin the templates, referances n tex. Mair featurs ar bein deveelipt, n will be enabled aes ither Beta Featurs durin the testin afore bein rawed oot til aw uisers.

Whan enabled, the VeesualEediter provides ae seicont eeditin tab, labelled "Eedit", n relabels the exeestin eediter fer the wikitex til "Eedit soorce".

Gif ye hae onie feedback aneat the VeesualEediter, please comment oan the general feedback page. Thaur micht be ae local feedback page oan yer wiki aes weel.