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Hello Vlad John,

Thank you so much for you work! This is a great start and an interesting read.

I think there's an opportunity to expand on your essay a bit. It seems to me that the main story behind your essay is that, in order to move forward, one needs to ask questions and get help from the community, especially when they're a newcomer. I think that's a great angle, but one that isn't necessarily given enough prominence in your essay.

I think it would dramatically improve your essay if you expanded on that part. For example: Where did you ask? Was it through IRC chat? Or on the wiki (If so, could you add links?) What did you ask? Who answered? Who helped you? How did they help you? Did they point you to documentation? Or explained something to you? What would you have done if nobody had answered? How was the interaction with them? (were they nice? Smug? Neutral?)

You don't have to answer all those questions; they're merely provided as possible paths to explore to help you dig a little deeper into this topic, to expand and improve your essay.

I think you have an opportunity here to write a great essay. I'm looking forward to reading more :) guillom 16:24, 4 December 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]