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On the situation in the Azerbaijani part of Wikipedia

Dr. Vituzzu. According to VP:VQSV, quote:

"Regardless of a user's status he/she can edit rules of Wikipedia that were not officially adopted, create articles related to the rules and hold elections to officially adopt rules." 

Users prepared rules regarding Arbitration Committee and held a discussion about it. Approximately 20 users took part in it. When 4 days were left before the end of the elections one of the administrators deleted, which goes against the rules.

  • Those who start discussion about administrators' actions and who express negative views about their actions are being blocked In the last few days there have been 3 blocks ([1], [2], [3],). like that.Those who organised the discussion are being blocked without time limits. In addition to that, those who participated in the discussion are being blocked without time limits as well


"Hesab edirəm ki, müddətli bloklanan qərəzçilərin blok müddətinin müddətsiz blokla dəyişdirilməsi ilə bağlı da konkret fəaliyət ortaya qoymalıyıq."; 


"Bu məsələnin təşkilatçıları da təbii ki, bloklanacaqlar, çoxu onsuz da dediyim kimi blokludurlar..

Please, restore the elections and discussion. Aydinsalis (talk) 19:44, 31 March 2016 (UTC)Reply