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Hyphens and Periods with MediaWiki 1.33 and PHP 7.3

Terrawide (talkcontribs)

There might be an issue with $wgWhitelistReadRegexp when attempting to allow hyphens or periods (and possibly other special characters).

For the below noted items, on a private MediaWiki site the following setting was configured: $wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = false;

As expected, anonymous users were successfully able to access articles in the Main NameSpace if $wgWhitelistReadRegexp was set to this: '/ :*/'

However, anonymous users were blocked from articles that contained no spaces and contained at least one hyphen in the title. Logged in users could view the article normally. Articles with spaces in the titles and a hyphen were visible for anonymous users. Example article title: DD-WRT

Adding this to the $wgWhitelistReadRegexp array did not correct the issue: '/ :.*\-.*/' (neither did '/ :*-/', '/ :*\-/', etc.)

That was puzzling, because the regular expression .*\-.* used with TitleBlacklist extension works as expected, so I anticipated the same regular expression would work with the $wgWhitelistReadRegexp array, but it did not, so I tried others, but nothing allowed anonymous users to view the article.

Periods caused a similar issue with article tiles that had spaces or no spaces. No other accepted title characters like ), (, ;, etc caused any issues.

Is there a different regular expression syntax used with $wgWhitelistReadRegexp or is this a bug?

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