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1. Which operating system I need to use MediaWiki software? Does it work with Windows or Linux or Both?

Many people run MediaWiki under Windows, but the primary target is Linux. Patches to make the system work better in Windows are accepted.

Is there any difference in Installation method in different OS?

Not really. I mean, there is Running MediaWiki on Windows, but I didn't use it this past year when I set up MediaWiki for a client on Windows.

Can I use MediaWiki itself as an Operating system?


2. Can I tell each Wiki pages a "file"?

In MediaWiki, wiki pages are entries in the database, not files on disk. If you want files on disk you can use other wiki software or the git remote for MediaWiki.

3. Can I use MediaWiki software for Offline applications? Such as Document processing software like Microsoft Office? Or for making offline Quiz or exam sheets? Or writing a Book with chapters and subchapters and inter-chapter hyperlinks etc.

Sure, some people run MediaWiki on the computer as a tool to do any of these things. I mean it is possible, but if you want to write a book, other tools are better.

4. How the WikiCode is interpreted into Machine Language? How the computer knows the meaning of angular brackets, curly brackets etc commands and syntax?

5. How the Wiki markup input is converted into a Browser-readable (HTML?) output? And also, which Wikimarkup input gives what Browser-readable (HTML?) outputs?

See Parsoid and related pages.

6. What are differences between PHP and Wiki Markup? If they are different, then how WikiCodes are converted into PHP?

PHP is a computer language. Wikitext is a markup language. For an explanation of the differences, see this Stack Overflow question: Programming Language vs Markup Language vs Scripting Language

7. Is there automated installation files? Such as .EXE files (Windows) or .MSI (Windows) or .APK (android) installation files that can install MediaWiki into my computer?

There is no stand-alone installer for MediaWiki. It relies on PHP already being installed.

8. What desktop applications/ mobile applications are available that uses MediaWiki? Is there any desktop applications or Mobile applications that uses MediaWiki?

It isn't clear what you mean by "use". If you mean "work with" and not "runs on", then there are several such as the Wikimedia apps.
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Hi this is my Mediawiki Talk Page

RIT RAJARSHI (talkcontribs)

Hi this is my Mediawiki Talk Page


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