The KML Export is really neatEdit

I love this and it is working great. The only question I had is how do I get pictures to show up in the balloons on GE? I've tried several methods and nothing seems to work. I usually just get the grey or black box in the window. Any suggestions? Thanks.--Mfinney 00:42, 16 March 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

MscGen commentEdit

Hi Juliano,

you commented a cross site scripting attach in Extension:MscGen . I added a patch, but actually am no longer actively developing the script. Would you be so nice to review it?



Getting started with WikilogEdit

Hi Juliano,

I just installed the Wikilog extension. Can you provide an example of how you create your first blog? Thanks.


Hello krishna,
Please, take a look at the user documentation at Help:Wikilog. It contains everything users need to know to start using the extension. You can import the documentation to your own wiki using the steps described in Extension:Wikilog#User documentation.
--Juliano 11:51, 16 December 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Requests and HacksEdit

Juliano -

Wikilog is awesome! I've installed it and it will play a central role on one of the wikis that my organization has developed.

In configuring the system, I came across several items - mostly user interface stuff - that we wanted to change to reflect the look and feel of the rest of our wiki. In order to achieve what we were looking for, I wrote a number of hacks for Wikilog that we have incorporated into our application. Since many of the changes are items that you may wish to include in future Wikilog versions, or are alterations that others may want to make in the own applications, I created some spaces to share what we've done:

  • Extension:Wikilog/Hacks is a new page where I have shared all of our hacks and invited others to contribute. I also changed the Wikilog extension pages' menu bar to include this page.
  • At Extension talk:Wikilog#Requests we started a list of features that we hope that you consider if you make future revisions of the extension. Where we had deveop hacks we included links from this section.
  • We also created a space to share hacks at the site where the Wikilog documentation is maintained, (While I was there I also included a copy of the configuration instructions that are at Extension:Wikilog/Configuration but were absent at

Thanks for this great extension!

--PerkinsTaylor 19:25, 23 June 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hello PerkinsTaylor,
You are welcome! I'm satisfied to know that the extension is useful for you.
However, as I answered in the extension talk page, "hacks" are not a good sign and should not be encouraged. I would like to see that page gone. Instead, the software should be fixed so that the user doesn't have to deal with any "hack". More about this in the talk page.
The extension documentation at is user documentation, i.e., documentation for normal people who are just using the extension, who generally only have access through the web interface. Both the Wikilog/Configuration and Wikilog/Hacks pages which were copied there are only of interest to administrators who are installing the extension, since they deal with server configuration and code changes that make absolutely no sense to ordinary users. The pages at are intended to be packaged and then imported into the "Help" namespace other people's wikis. They are there just because they use some parser functions that are only available where Wikilog is installed, otherwise, I would maintain them here on
So, I'm afraid I'll have to remove those pages. I hope you understand.
You may want to join the extension mailing list, where development discussions happen.
Thanks for your feedback!
Best regards, --Juliano 01:42, 24 June 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi, Juliano,
Thanks for your rapid responses.
As I explained at Extension talk:Wikilog, my experience is that there are a number of extensions posted at Mediawiki which seem to have been abandoned or are no longer maintained by their original developers. I have often been forced to manipulate an extension just to get it to work correctly, and I am appreciative of others who publish examples of what they have done to solve the issues that I face. For the same reason, when I come across a good idea that needs a little tweaking, I feel a responsibility to share what I've found with the community in case the developer is incommunicado and others find the need to make changes themselves. It is apparent from your response that this is not the case with Wikilog. I appreciate your continued work on this excellent extension and I apologize if my approach caused a disturbance.
You noted at the other page that the existence of "hacks" means that there is a problem or deficiency with the software. I guess I agree that this is the case with some software, but I cannot agree that there are problems or deficiencies with Wikilog. All of the "hacks" I've suggested are cosmetic changes to suit personal preferences. I appreciate that you have considered all of my requests, but I don't expect you to revise the extension to suit every last one of my wishes. Where there is something I'm am looking for that may not be appropriate to include in Wikilog, I'll take it upon myself to develop my own solution. But after I do, I think that there should be some place where I can share what I've done with others who may be looking for a similar unique feature without sounding critical of what has been included in the extension. I think that the term "hack" has a negative connotation, and I had considered calling the page "Advanced Configuration," "Customization," or something like that. But I also think that it is important that the name clearly identifies the rogue nature of the submissions included therein and I wasn't able to come up with a more fitting name.
Now that you have explained it, your reasoning for keeping the documentation separate makes perfect sense. From an outside perspective, though, it's not crystal clear at either of the sites that that is the intent. Whether it is true or not, putting some information at one site and some at another gives the impression that there is one set of content that is current, actively maintained and complete, and another set that one might suspect is static, incomplete and perhaps out of date. I'd suggest that you host a complete package - both an installation manual and a user manual - together at one site or the other.
Thanks again for Wikilog and your continued support.
--PerkinsTaylor 20:01, 24 June 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Wikilog for MW 1.17Edit

Hi Juliano - I am anxious to upgrade to MW 1.17, but I don't know if your extension is readied for the ResourceLoader. Do you anticipate I'd have problems with wikilog on mw 1.17? Thanks, John — Preceding unsigned comment added by Hypergrove (talkcontribs)

The extension currently doesn't explicitly support ResourceLoader, but the trunk version of the extension should work with Mw 1.17 without problems. If it doesn't, it is a bug. There isn't much in Wikilog to put into ResourceLoader, only a single CSS file; there is no JavaScript in Wikilog (yet).
Since there is so little in Wikilog that would benefit with ResourceLoader, it is low priority right now. I cannot use much of my time now for Wikilog, and for the next few weeks (perhaps months) due to new job and my PhD qualification, but if you send me a patch, I'll gladly review and submit if everything is ok.
You may post an enhancement request with a patch to:
Regards, --Juliano 19:04, 14 April 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Wikilog on MW 1.18.1Edit

Hi Juliano, Don't know if you saw my problem using Wikilog on MW 1.18.1. I'd like to solve it because your wikilog extension seems really so cool. Extension_talk:Wikilog#PROBLEM: blog don't display articles

Thanks in advance for your help

--Iubito (talk) 21:55, 31 March 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Heiya Juliano, thank you for creating Wikilog and all you good work on it. I am sure that someone will take over maintaining it. Cheers and all the best to you --[[kgh]] (talk) 07:51, 4 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thanks! --Juliano (talk) 02:29, 9 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]