Hi DheerajKumarBit, I've been trying to install the WYSIWIG editor for a grade 3 class Wikimedia project. All my attempts result in a flawed editor in IE.

Do you have a version of the extension running perfectly on anything 1.19.x or higher? Image insertion and clean text editing are a priority for me. I'll install any version. Could I beg for a download from you? I'm not a programmer and have tried for months to no avail. All the 1.20.2 versions downloadable on the extension site seem hopelessly buggy in IE, the only browser my school board uses. :(

I'm a designer and could contribute some updated css for it in return!

Thanks! markjurgens@gmail.com


is there a possibility do get "alt"


static function makeImageLink2( $skin, Title $nt, $file, $frameParams = array(), $handlerParams = array(), $time, &$ret ) {

$frameParams['alt'] <= is empty