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Rendering bug in Wikimedia Maps

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i wanted to report a bug in the Wikimedia Maps rendering, but I found no way to contact the developers of Wikimedia Maps. I wanted to write at the mailing list, but that also didn't work. (I sent a mail , but it seems it didn't arrived) So I hope I am here at the right place, if not, it would be nice, if you could forward it to the Wikimedia Maps developers.

The bug is in regards to the rendering of the numbers in combination with the Arabic alphabet. Numbers in combination with the Arabic alphabet are rendered way to large, while numbers in combination with the Latin alphabet are rendered in the correct size.

You can see this in the screenshot, where you see both examples. (red underlined) You see one example, where the numbers are rendered correctly (e.g. "21b") vs. wrong (e.g. "83"). It would be nice, if you could correct this rendering bug. (see screenshot)

The example is from city center of Dubai, UAE, but this bug appears everywhere on the world map, where you see Arabic script.

With best regards

DTankersley (WMF) (talkcontribs)
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