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Ofbeaton (talkcontribs)

hi! you asked me a question on irc, but then didn't respond when I did. So I'm cnp'ing it here incase you missed it.

16:34 <encephallon> Hi. I write to you accord to Sumana's answer, as a extension developer. Please review
           and source code (I commited code in svn)
16:36 <finlay> Hello, Sumana sent you to me?
16:38 <finlay> I'm pretty new at all this stuff myself. Don't even have svn access yet
16:39 <finlay> but I have made a few extensions so maybe I can share what I've learned through the project so far
16:39 <finlay> in AutoProxyBlock.i18n.php it seems to be the convention to prefix your message names
16:40 <finlay> I'm not sure how important this is, or if a collision is even possible, you'll have to ask in #mediawiki
16:40 <finlay> I know you make a new $messages each time, but is it then merged into a bigger common array? I don't know
16:41 <finlay> for AutoProxyBlock.php
16:42 <finlay> I suggest setting the 'version' key for $wgExtensionCredits, yes you will have to update it yourself, however
               extensions like Extension:Update currently use it to let administrators know there are new versions out
16:42 <finlay> eventually it will allow svn/git checks but it's a really tricky world in terms of "what constitutes a
               release" -- version keys are clear.
16:43 <finlay> you can use __DIR__ instead of dirname(__FILE__), but that's ultra minor.
16:46 <finlay> generally if your global variable is not in core, you'll want to make sure you prefix it to avoid collisions
16:46 <finlay> so $wgAutoProxyBlockSources is a great variable name
16:47 <finlay> but $wgProxyCanPerform is not, because maybe some Extension:Proxy will use the same name
16:49 <finlay> for AutoProxyBlock.body.php
16:49 <finlay> it mostly looks ok, but generally you want to set the referer to your extension for Http::get()
16:50 <finlay> Http::get is more for the core, you'll have to use the more general purpose function so you can set the
16:50 <finlay> although there is a bug report so we can set referer in ::get
16:50 <finlay> anyways, like I said I'm a beginner here too, although a few weeks ahead of you. I hope it goes well and if
               you discover any secrets please send them my way!
16:51 <finlay> the extensions I work on are listed here, if you'd like to take a look:

This post was posted by Ofbeaton, but signed as Olivier Beaton.

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Johnduhart (talkcontribs)

Can you please take a look at CodeReview for r100165 and r100310? I'm asking you to do this since it's your code. Thanks.

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