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Participation in wiki debugging

Stefan Sakowitz (talkcontribs)

Stefan Sakowitz (talkcontribs)


created my wikipedia/media-account 2 days ago.

Used to work as data&database-analytic in hightech/highend for some years.

Meanwhile working on my private database, I´m coming near to downloading

some thousand wiki-features. For several reasons I want to obtain an offline-version of my database.

My database contains the chapter e-book/epub as well ( and full linux/base fumctionality will

be required later). NOW I´m looking for some folks, involved in the pdf-export/generation-story,

because the pdf-rendering-(bug)/problems take my time.

If you know some wikipedians in charge of the compilation issue, please tell me.

Meanwhile I´ll be comparing (wiki) source-codes on my hunt for the export-bugs.



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